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14 March 2013 - 08:24 PM

So I went comparing the two plunger tubes. The NF is indeed longer by about 1cm and wider by 1cm too.

NF plungertube in it's shell.
Posted Image
AB plungertube in NF shell.
Posted Image

Both of them side by side.
Posted Image

Moving a plunger tube forward (In relation to where it sits stock) can increase the volume of air that would be in front of the plunger head while the gun is cocked. The plunger rod/head is then allowed more of a draw, and thus more power. It can be done on a NF, though it rarely is. I can snag some pictures of mine if you'd really like to see it.

Bah, the green version's shell I got is already crapped out (surprising). I might try this out.

What is the size comparison of this things plunger rod to that of a Nitefider? If it is longer, it might be suitable for parts on a NF Rifle, if someone doesn't want to worry about making a complete from scratch internal set.

The AB rod is indeed longer, but it is also thinner, which mean it doesn't seem right in the NF's shell. It is also wayyyyyyy weaker and the head is total garbage. I wouldn't even consider it. One piece that seems to be the same is the catch. It is exactly the same mold, only a bit cheaper and smaller, but still fits snuggly in the NF shell.

In Topic: Dollarama AIR BLASTER

14 March 2013 - 12:11 AM

Good writeup man.
One question:
How does this plunger tube compare in size to a nitefinder pt?

I will get a pic, but it is bigger. Like 1cm longer and maybe 1cm wider too.

Looks like this gun has a LOT of extra room for a PT swap, with some work of course. Even still, looks like you COULD move the PT forward for a decent gain in draw. Either way, it's always neat to see someone make something out of nothing. Good first post.

I'm not quite sure of how moving the PT forward would change anything, perhaps an example could help. I thought about a plunger swap, but i don't have any bigger on hand and as stated, this was a quick an easy to do mod. I don't wan't to get too much work on a gun that will most probably break down after 500 shots if you know what I mean...

In Topic: Dollarama AIR BLASTER

13 March 2013 - 11:28 PM

All right for Vaseline and e-tape. It wasn't any good of an idea haha.

And I will to fix the PDF issue as of right now.

*EDIT* Fixed.