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3D Printable Rapidstrike Mod Parts

03 January 2017 - 04:54 PM

Hey all, I'd like to share some parts I designed while modding my Rapidstrike. All of these are released Creative Commons 4.0 Noncommercial Attribution Share-Alike.


Editable models and installation instructions are hosted on Thingiverse. I've attached STL files to this post for convenience, but I recommend visiting Thingiverse as well.


Pusher Motor Cover and Nameplate

Attached File  2016-12-29 15.35.05 scaled.jpg   94.28KB   7 downloads


If you upgraded your pusher to use a 180 motor, this cover plate prevents shorts while still allowing ventilation. It also neatly covers the Rapidstrike logo so you can pimp your blaster.


Thingiverse link with design files and instructions


Dual OLED Screen Bracket

Attached File  2016-12-12 13.25.31 scaled.jpg   93.47KB   4 downloads


Replace your Rapidstrike's sling loop and rear sight with TWO OLED screens. If your sick gaming rig needs two monitors, so does your sick blasting rig.


Thingiverse link with design files and instructions


Butt Plate

Attached File  2017-01-03 12.42.10 scaled.jpg   57.59KB   4 downloads


If you removed your Rapidstrike's stock, you now have a gaping hole. Install this butt plate and now you don't. I included two versions - one has a cutout for a battery connector or a USB port, the other is solid.


Thingiverse link with design files and instructions



Thanks for viewing, and good luck with your Rapidstrike modding.

JSPB C5 Sight is Badass

03 January 2017 - 01:20 PM

I've never seen anyone post about the awesome sight that 3DBBQ designed for the C5 Launcher. It snaps onto N-Strike rails and looks cool as hell.


You can buy the STL file from the JSPB site for two bucks and print it on your own machine.


Attached File  2017-01-03 13.11.14 scaled.jpg   53.6KB   3 downloads

Attached File  2017-01-03 13.11.23 scaled.jpg   45.9KB   4 downloads

Attached File  IMG_20170102_192325 scaled.jpg   86.11KB   3 downloads

Preview: Rapidstrike Electronic Fire System

08 December 2016 - 01:11 AM

I've been working on an electronic Rapidstrike driver board, and I thought I'd show youse guyses as I build it up.


Attached File  2016-12-14 02.31.58 scaled.jpg   91.04KB   6 downloads


Working title: The Hot Beef Injection.


Attached File  HBI Driver 0-1 Screencap.png   44.06KB   4 downloads


This first PCB is the motor driver. It replaces the Rapidstrike's front tactical rail and enables more sophisticated control than bare microswitches. Each driver is rated to 40A; a heatsink and temperature-controlled fan keep heat under control. This includes:

  • Full PWM - the system can ramp up the flywheels slowly, and keep them running at reduced "idling" speed
  • Dynamic braking - Prevents pusher overshoot, and lets me quickly halt the flywheels for "stealth mode"
  • Sensorless closed-loop control - I can tune the flywheel speeds to maximize energy transfer
  • Current sense - For fun. Also detects shorts and breaks for self-tests and safety.


Attached File  HBI Motherboard 0-1 Screencap.png   226.88KB   5 downloads


This PCB holds the Teensy microcontroller and has a 5V buck converter for efficient power. This slots into the empty space where the retractable stock used to be. The large connector on the end links this to the motor driver. The other sockets are for I/O:

  • Top left: Trigger and rev button inputs
  • Bottom left: Two OLED displays connected with I2C
  • Top and bottom right: RFID board in mag well to detect magazine sizes
  • TBD: Stock pusher endstop switch and mag detect switch

I used a goofy layout, fat traces, and too many vias are because I'm etching these prototypes by hand. The copper clad should arrive soon, so I'll update the post when I etch them up.


Thanks for reading! This is an exciting project, and I hope to finish it by the 17th to bring to CPNO.

The Mackazine

30 July 2016 - 03:46 PM

Hoppers are simple, powerful, and reliable, but ball valves take forever to reload. Instead of feeding darts one by one like an asshole, replace the entire hopper like a magazine - a Mackazine.
Attached File  2016-07-15 14.18.28 scaled.jpg   109.14KB   25 downloads
This uses a 3D-printed part, which you should print at crappy resolution with 15% infill. If you're not a member of the glorious 3D printer master race, you could mold one out of epoxy putty or ShapeLock or even carve it out of wood.
This project is an improved version of Aeromech's Quick-Change Hopper Clip.
  • A hopper's worth of PVC pipe
  • An endcap or plug
  • Heavy-duty tape like Gorilla Tape
  • One tape measure, to be sacrificed for the greater good
  • One 3D printed / handmade retainer (STL attached)
  • Two spare self-tapping screws (about 1/8")
Attached File  2016-07-26 00.49.13 scaled.jpg   56.61KB   21 downloads
STEP 1: Glue your endcap or plug into the hopper. Blasphemy.
Attached File  Retainer scaled.png   1.46MB   18 downloads
STEP 2: Cut a 5 3/4" segment of tape measure. Drill 1/8" holes 1/4" and 1/2" from one end. These measurements are easier than usual because you're cutting a tape measure.
STEP 3: Cut a strip of tape long enough to cover the tape measure. Fold it over the tape measure. Use heavy-duty tape - the glue on electrical or duct tape can soften in heat and expose the razor-sharp metal.
STEP 4: Use two screws to fasten the retainer to the strip, right through the tape.
Attached File  2016-07-26 14.11.11 scaled.jpg   69.67KB   26 downloads
STEP 5: Tape the retainer assembly to the hopper. Your Mackazine is done!
Attached File  2016-07-29 00.35.10 scaled.jpg   59.53KB   12 downloads
STEP 6: Optional: Sand the edge off your blaster's wye to make reloading easier.
Attached File  2016-07-26 14.12.04 scaled.jpg   68.06KB   24 downloads
To fill a Mackazine, just shove darts into the pipe, heavy side up. You don't even need to hold the retainer open.
Attached File  Inserting scaled.png   1.76MB   14 downloads
To load a Mackazine, align the retainer with the wye and swing the mag into place. The tape measure will give way with an audible snap and release the darts.
Attached File  2016-06-25 18.11.57 scaled.jpg   104.04KB   18 downloads
You can carry them in a magazine pouch - one AR15 pouch will hold two. The pictured rig is a Voodoo Tactical Six-Mag Drop-Leg Shingle purchased from Amazon. Note that one magazine pouch is deliberately not loaded with Mackazines - mags in that pouch could jab my lower body if I jumped too aggressively. Gotta be safe!
TACTICOOL CONSIDERATIONS: The main advantage that Mackazines hold over a dart-by-dart system (ball valve, Hole Door, breech) is that the darts don't need to be oriented as they're inserted. You don't need to pull a handful of darts from a dump bag and turn them around as you insert them, which improves situational awareness while reloading. 
The main downside is the weight of the Mackazines. The pictured 10x10 loadout didn't affect my agility, but it was heavy and fatiguing over time. For extended wars like Apoc, I plan to carry just four extra Mackazines and retreat to reload if necessary.

PETG-Ready HammerShot Cylinder - STL File

11 June 2016 - 06:58 PM

Attached File  2016-06-11 14.25.26 scaled.jpg   122.99KB   58 downloads


I made a 3D-printable replacement cylinder for the HammerShot that fits standard 1/2" PETG!


It uses the existing ratchet mechanism and requires no dicking around with the seal. Ranges are 30-60 feet with my ancient Slugs, but better darts will probably fly further. This is a really fun blaster and makes a great sidearm.


Because I can't attach the STL file or the SketchUp CAD file here, I hosted the files on Thingiverse. You can download the STL and editable CAD file, and read the installation instructions, at http://www.thingiver...m/thing:1621677 .


Attached File  2016-06-11 14.24.35 scaled.jpg   76.76KB   51 downloads


Attached File  2016-06-11 14.25.35 scaled.jpg   79.95KB   53 downloads


What?! Zack the Mack?!