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Big Bad Bow + Marvelous Hornet

08 January 2010 - 04:09 AM

Edit 1/20: added some revisions

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Version 1 video
Version 2 video
Here's my first writeup!

I thought of this after seeing the Peasant's Guru mod (BBB + Big Salvo integration). At first it was going to be very similar, but then I saw the Marvelous Salvo mod (Big Salvo + SMDTG trigger) and decided I wanted to use an SMDTG trigger setup like that to have at least two rounds of shots instead of one like the PG. Shortly I found that I wasn't going to be able to acquire Big Salvo tanks for cheap so I wondered if I could use tanks from my broken Hornet instead. As a whole piece, one of the top of the six Hornet tanks can also clip into the BBB arrow holders, and the big gray piece holding all the tanks together helps keep it from falling out through the back of the holder.

In the end, this came out to great mod for me, a novice modder without a lot of tools and who only plays indoors with stock darts. With this, you only need parts from 3 guns and everything is easy to get, except for the SMDTG trigger. No glue required (Edit: if you are careful not to snap your pump's rod)!

Note - some of my steps were crude, and should be done with something less temporary. That's why no glue was required...

You will need:

- BBB (Big Bad Bow)
- Hornet - tanks and pump at minimum
- SMDTG (Spider-man Dart Tag) blaster - trigger piece at minimum
- 1/4" vinyl tubing
- 3 1/4" quick connects or barbed connectors for tubing
- 3 1/4" T quick connects or barbed connectors for tubing
- scissors
- filing tool or sandpaper
- electrical tape
- screwdriver
- OPTIONAL: 3/4" thick wall PVC coupler
- OPTIONAL: some kind of saw
- OPTIONAL: putty or hotglue or something to plug a hole
- OPTIONAL: razor blade, x-acto knife, or something to remove glued-on tubing

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First, take off the bow pieces to your BBB, if still on there. Then, unscrew the front shell (the inner back shell can stay together throughout the whole thing). Take out the barrel piece, and two pieces that make up the air restrictor will come out. You should leave those out, though I recommend keeping the white circular piece for other mods, especially for future mods to your BBB.

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Next, you will need a pair of scissors (or pliers will work too) to stick inside the front barrel piece. Twist it around and around until you have clipped off the 4 tabs in the barrel piece. Those prevent you from barrel mods that use the existing barrel. Next, use a filer or sandpaper to smooth out the inside.

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Optionally, cut 1" inch off a 3/4" thickwall PVC coupler and put it before the spring in the BBB. That gives you some more power by compressing the spring more.

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--> Regarding the barrel replacement...there are so many different barrel mods for the BBB available that I didn't write about any specifically. If you want to know what I used personally, I use a Crayola / Rose Art marker barrel. That keeps the mod beginner friendly, and it's great for barrel material to shoot stock darts that you don't need to leave the house for. Remember what I did with the scissors to the BBB barrel? You will have to do the same thing for the Crayola barrel, but even more thoroughly; however, with a Rose Art barrel, you don't have to. Crayola has some tabs inside that will shred your darts if you don't get them out. Also, you will need to wrap electrical tape around certain parts of the marker barrel and to fit it in (you want a snug fit, but you don't want to also make it impossible to get out, even with tools if you want a better barrel in the future). CLICK HERE's for a tutorial on the marker barrel for BBB, OR CLICK HERE for a better tutorial on just Crayola marker barrels itself. If you do the mod like I did though, you can put the marker barrel flush inside of the BBB barrel so that you can still shoot arrows, and the plunger head won't knock the barrel from in the inside either.

After this, you can put the stuff back together, but don't close the shell back up yet! Also, don't lose these pieces, these are actually part of the catch pieces.

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Also, you probably wrap electrical tape around the barrel like this, once:

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This helps stabilize the barrel, a lot!

Next, take your SMDTG blaster and open it up carefully. Eventually you will get the stuff out. Use scissors to separate the SMDTG barrels from the trigger system. Unless you plan to use the SMDTG barrels for something else, cut the tubing so that you have a more generous amount sticking out of the trigger piece. Don't forget to cut off the pump too, it sucks.

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