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Titan Tank Rear Valve Pictures?

19 November 2010 - 08:38 PM

I'm working on building a homemade titan tank, or something roughly the same size, and functioning in the same way.
Heres the hard part. I cant figure out how the original tank keeps the pressure from leaking out the bank where the metal rod goes through the back of the tank.

I'm not looking for someone to go and chop up a working titan tank. If someone already chopped one in half, or has a broken one that cant be fixed, I would much appreciate a picture of the valve.
The only titan thank that I have is already integrated, and in perfect condition. So I'd rather not cut it up.

And yes, I already searched the forums. I couldn't find anything.
If this topic shouldn't exist, then please delete it.

How To Repair A Pump.

11 June 2009 - 02:46 PM

I have broken a few pumps. It sucks.
Any ways, on with the writeup.

Well, this mod will work on any pump, but I did it for a iron man/magstrike pump.

Things you need.
Posted Image
Epoxy putty, a handle piece, maybe a hot glue gun, electrical tape, a 1/2 inch copper or 1/4 inch pvc tube, measuring tape, and your broken piece.
Posted Image

1. If the pump piece is stuck inside the tube, use a hot glue gun to put a wad of hot glue on the end of a brass tube, and jam it down the tube. Wait till the glue cools and connects your brass to the broken piece. Then pull it out. This may take a couple tries.

2. Measure your pump tube. Add 2-4 inches for your handle to go. then cut the proper length.
Posted Image

3. Use the epoxy putty to attach the broken end to the tube.
Posted Image
Use a clamp to hold it in place while it dries.
Posted Image

4. Add some E-tape for a bit more stability.
Posted Image

5. Layer the E-tape on the non broken piece end till it fits tightly in the new handle. I used an epoxy putty container. Slide your new handle on.
Posted Image

6. Put your finished piece into the plunger tube.
Posted Image

7. Go shoot someone with your fixed gun.

Questions, and comments are all accepted.

Hornet Firefly Integration

04 June 2009 - 05:32 PM

Ah well. my first post. I hope you like the work. :ph34r:

Posted Image
And yes, that is my piantballed shoe at the bottom of the shot.

Posted Image

Posted Image
The blast button.

Posted Image

The ranges are the same as a hornet with no AR's.
The trigger is that orange bar.
It was made out of broken guns.
The barrels are copper, I believe 8 inches....
Been a while since i did it, so I dont remember everything... Sorry. I was just approved.
Any response is welcome.