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Short N' Simple:the Big Blast

18 August 2009 - 12:50 PM

Ok guy's I'm starting a new series of very short very simple mod's that almost anyone can do.
First off here's singling a BBBB.

What you need:
A drill
1 bbbb

Let's get started,now what your going to do is drill out the orange cap so that the long black tube becomes your barrel.

Drill out this:
Posted Image

So it becomes this:
Posted Image

Ranges:60-70 flat but if you sawed down the barrel you could probably get to 90-100.

Marshmallow Blaster Modification

28 July 2009 - 04:08 PM

First off material's:
Marshmallow blaster
1 inch pvc
Barrel material


What were working with
Posted Image

First take this piece off
Posted Image

Next cut a piece of PVC off (1 inch ID) also 1 inch in length.
Posted Image

Now drill out the barrel type restrictor thing like so.
Posted Image

Take your barrel material if crayola drill it out if not move on.Now wrap the barrel in e-tape until the barrel fit's like this.
Posted Image

Now apply glue and glue it on like so.
Posted Image

If wanted put this back on for a normal appearance.
Posted Image

Finished product.
Posted Image

Simple yet efficient.Please post any questions and or comments?Ranges 40 foot with 50 pump's(I can pump 50 times in about 15 second's.

Double Shot Writeup

08 July 2009 - 02:32 PM

Lets get started

2 ds shells
Double shot

Glue or epoxy

First open your doubleshot keep everything in place except the piece that touches the shells.
Set that piece aside and get your shells out.Stick the knife in the hole like so.
Posted Image
Twist the knife to make the hole larger then use your Dremmel to finish the hole.

To remove the peg take your dremmel and put it inside the hole you made earlier.Make sure this is done at an angle.

Repeat on both shells.

Posted Image
Apply glue to the rubber ring and place the shell on evenly so you get maximum air output.

Finished product
Posted Image
Now take the whole front barrel off the doublshot so its just the stock.
Re-place the string ao it runs out the back like so.This will be the new cocking mecanism.

Put the parts back in place screw the gun back together yada yada yada your done.
Ranges: 40-50 lower forty's with partly modded shell high 40's with fully modded shell.

Posted Image
Posted Image

Carolinerf/nerf Carolina

21 June 2009 - 08:21 PM

NC war I have a park in mind here http://maps.google.c...55&z=13&iwloc=A
click on street view to get an idea of the place.

Sadly I will not be here any volounteers for being the host.

Where: East Allenton Street Mount Gilead North Carolina 27306 on the left can't miss it.

When:July 25 2.00 o'clock-8.00 o'clock

Round types:
Pistol round
2 team deathmatch
# team deathmatch
Every man for himself.

Banned guns:
Singled/plugged titans and bbbb's.

Da Short Un (NHQ +1)

BigJuevos (fu)
Cmdrmack (NH)

Restaurants nearby the ford place,Steves pizza,burger shack.

Post here if you are attending.

Switchshot Modification

14 June 2009 - 10:16 AM

I'm bad at introductions, sorry. The pictures are courtesy of MithMorchaint.
Things needed:
Something to remove the Air restrictor.
A Dremmel.
A screwdriver.
New barrel material.

Posted Image

First open your gun,only the firing part, you don't need the bottom part for this modification.Cut along the black line and then sand it flush with a dremel.
Remove the air restrictor by dremeling with a selected bit..Put your glue of choice to the part that you sanded flush, then add the barrel before it starts drying
You can lube the plunger, add a new spring or give it a paint job.Close the gun, now you're done.The barrel works perfect with stock sonic micro's which is what I
test ranges with.The plunger rod with spring additions is still holding up perfectly.

Ranges 60,57,56,59,61.

You better attempt this mod,. I was stung by a bee in the range test. What I'll do for nerf. P.S you can post this and all my mods on your site just credit me.