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End Of Summer Arizona War

06 July 2010 - 05:46 PM

The final frontier.
We are renting the stratum laser tag arena Friday, July 31 2010 from 12:00 am until 2:00 Am. Arrive at 11:30 pm in august(13,14,20,21, whatever works best for everyone).

Stratum is located at 1455 S. Stapley Drive Mesa, AZ 85204.

Also, we need Parents/ Guardians/ Adults present, at least one to every ten under 18.

If you are coming, Pm me your name. If your name (first and last) is not on the list, Stratum will NOT let you nerf. (Donít worry, Iíll put youíre username here on the Ďhaven.) Stratum rules and regulations donít allow cameras in the arena, and once you leave the building you may NOT re-enter the building. So, it is recommended you bring your own water/food, as there will be no food there.

Need to bring:
Entrance money
Primary (chances are, we wonít be doing secondaries. Too many people that want to come donít have a gun/ I donít have enough too loan every one of them a gun.)
Stock darts
Squishy darts (may be banned)

Recommended to bring:
Loaner guns (put a mark/ decal so everyone knows itís yours) (You may charge people to use your guns)
Show-off guns (some people coming have never seen mods before. Auqapsuedoís mavtitan would be awesome.)
Money to buy other peopleís stuff
Running shoes

Do not bring:
Nuclear waffles

There are 50 slots open. Between Craigís list, Civil Air Patrol, friends, and friendís friends, it would be best to reserve your spot soon

Catmods +5

Arizona War

04 March 2010 - 09:16 PM

Wow guys, I'm impressed. We have chances of 3/6 az internet nerfers of coming.

I'm a freshman, the age group would be 10-12, with a likely chance of more freshman, and whoever comes from cap, every one from c.a.p. is at least 12.

Last time we attempted a war in Arizona, I waited outside 3 hours in the rain. Letís get some participation this time, okay? I will be trying to get local kids involved, along with some of the civil air patrol. The date may change, but only if it will be a drastic change in quantity of nerfers.

Location: The area code is 85396, but location, again, may change depending how many could make it. Pm me for exact location to meet. The current location is an empty 4 lane tennis court, so if possible bring stuff to hide in.

Game types; the local kids here hate 3-15 rule, and considering they, being 10-15 with about 10 coming, would be a lot more work to sway them to haven 3-15. They prefer no Headshots, no gunshots, 3 health, all that happens when you get shot is you lose 1 health, arrows/ megas do 2, titan rockets do 5. The health will be lowered and raised throughout the day.
-Death match
-Team death match
-capture the flag
-Kill the table cloth
-dual V.I.P.s
-of course, humans versus zombies

What to bring
-FRIENDS (Iím trying to get neighborhood kids, some from c.a.p., and Iíll try putting out flyers)
-Several primaries, you never know what could happen to your gun
-Loaner guns, we need as many people as possible, itís likely some donít have guns, and I want a spider man dtb.
-Stefanís, and a lot of them. We are also doing an hvz war, so bring stock darts, and a bunch of them. Weíve all felt how a pas shoots.
-Money, there will be mingling.
-bag lunch, dinner
-Water, we donít need dead nerfers here. Itís nice right now, but it is guaranteed you will sweat.
-Banshee, if your coming, bring your bloodfinder.

Date- Pending, highly likely 4-10-2010, convince people to come. From 10:30 am to, if we survive, 7:00 pm.

I will be updating this thread as people say yes or no.



Splash Pumper Modification

14 February 2010 - 12:28 PM

Last fall, I got several of these on sale.

Posted Image

Letís get to work.

Posted Image

Remove these screws. Pry off this cover.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Notice the small hole? Drill it bigger, about one size down from the Ĺ inch drill bit.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Much better. Grab a Ĺ inch cpvc coupler, and shove ľ inch of cpvc in there. Glue the end that you blocked on the hole. This will be where your barrel will go.

Posted Image

Now twist off the rear handle. Ĺ inch cpvc fits perfectly.

Posted Image

I ran out of t joints here, but Iíll put a bolt through the coupler later. Then, glue the t joint to your six inches of cpvc. Slather the cpvc in glue, and shove it where the handle was.

Posted Image

Here is my horde. Now, you may be wondering about the ranges. But first, I would like to explain how these things work. They have no springs. They work by putting the dart/ barrel on before pulling the plunger back. The airtight seal means the minimal amount of air in there reverse compresses the air, time the large plunger draw, means that when you release the plunger, the reverse pressure pulls the plunger, pushing that small amount of air forward, flinging the dart 50s-70s flat, without a spring, or helping push the plunger forward! I will have a video up as soon as youtube works for me. There you go, a water gun you bought for 1 dollar, that with little work done, hits almost as far as a 30$ Pas, although less accurately

Posted Image

Questions, comments, or flames?

Big Bad Bow, Rapid Fire20, Rapid Fire20

20 January 2010 - 07:12 PM

First off, I would like to apologize for my rough start here on the 'Haven. Please note, that originally, I made this during the contest, but lacked the necessary equipment to do a write up (camera). Please note that this is my first write up, but with our great community, that wont matter. Let's begin.

Posted Image

This is my primary. You will need the following if you wish to complete it.
Screw drivers
Fishing wire (at least 10 pound test) Various drill bits.
Pipe cutters

x1 Big Bad Bow (we will refer to it as the 3b for the remainder of the write up.)
x2 Rapid Fire 20 (they will be called A and B.)
x3 screws, about 1 inch long. You need Matching nuts.
x1 3 inch log screw, with a matching nut.
(All NEED to be machine screws, wood screws wont work)
x1 Ĺ coupler
PLENTY of your favorite barrel material.
Extra spring (for 3b)

Posted Image

First off, open up the guns. Start with the 3b. I have found it useful to tape the outer catch in place on the 3b. This prevents them from annoying you to death closing up the gun. Remove the 3b air restrictor.

Posted Image

Use a dremel (or in my case, gardening shears) to cut off the original 3b barrel. Also, cut out the center of the white thing. Shove some cpvc in there, and fill with hot glue until the white thing.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Take apart the rf20. The first one will be called A. Do whatever mods to A you want. Use the directory. Drill 2 small holes in the shell of A. (the same side that holds the internals) run some fishing wire through the holes (it must be end with the ends outside of the shell.) tie a knot. One end must be long, the other short. Drill a hole in the orange rate of fire selector. Tie the long end of the wire into it. Cut the excess wire. If done correctly, it will allow you to change the rate of fire on A. B, however, wonít have this feature. Place one part of the 3b shell on the other half of Aís shell. Drill two holes. Put the small screws through, and tighten the nut really tight.
Put A together, and close it up. You are now 1/3 done. Good job.
Open B up. Remove the internals and mod as you please. Drill a hole through the shell into the 3b shell. As before, make sure your drill bit is smaller than your screw head. When I drilled I removed the internals.

Posted Image

Drill a hole through B to A. (Be REALLY careful not to hit the internals.) Put B together and close it up. 2/3 done. Here is the hard part. Put the 3b internals in, and close it up. It should look like the first picture.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

A's barrels are not straight. It's harder to dodge a wall than a laser.

Every great nerf gun has its own name. The Doomsayer is one of them. I call this Giygas, based on the final boss of earthbound

Questions, Comments or Flames?

Arizona Nerf War

29 September 2009 - 05:43 PM

There has been no wars hosted on here in Arizona. One member even asked when there would be one. http://nerfhaven.com...6294&hl=arizona So I'll have to host one.

DATE: November/14/2009
TIME: 11:00 AM. If you're coming, be there by 10:30 AM. We will need the time to test guns, get people going, and mingle a bit.
WHERE: Buckeye, Arizona 85396. PM me for exact location.

What to bring:
-Primary, bring a back-up, mistakes happen.
-PLENTY of water. At least a gallon per person. The nearest store is 5 miles away. The hospital is about 25.
-Darts, and alot of them. they will get lost, mamed, mauled, and shot over fences.
-Good attitude, you will get shot, don't be like my brother.
-EYE PROTECTION. If you dont have any, you dont play, Unless you are over 18, then, you're at you're own risk.
-Spare guns, money, home mades. You might like another persons blaster enough to buy it.
-Friends. just because its fun to "accidently" shoot youre best friend when they are on you're team
-Spring pistol

FIELD: large backyard with walls put up, rate of fire is more important than range in this case.

-Team deathmatch
-Capture the flag
-Humans versus zombies
-Multiple hit deathmatch