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Dollar Store Gun Mod

31 January 2007 - 09:29 PM

From what I have been reading from other topics like this, not many people enjoy dollar store guns. Well I had this gun for a while and one day I noticed it had screws so I decided to mod it.
Heres the gun:
Posted Image
Heres the internals, its a lot like a NF:
Posted Image
Heres another shot of the internals:

Posted Image
First thing I did was take out some pesky air restrictors. I did this by sticking a pocket knife blade down and hacking it out.
Posted Image
Posted Image

Next I plied the plunger off because its not screwn on, instead its just plugged on. You cant fit another spring like the one thats on it because theres a blocker. I didnt have much selection so I stuck a mav spring on there. It barely fit inside the uh I think its called plunger shaft.
Here it is:
Posted Image
I stuck the thing back together and screwed everything on, everything fits. I added a band and Ive had this gun along time so I lost all the stock darts it came with, so I made my own homemade darts for it. I used a straw wrapped in paper and a couple 20 gram bbs for the bullet. The thing is the wind always catches it and the dart isnt very accurate. Heres the finished product:
Posted Image

Flat: 35 feet
Angled: 45 feet
I wish I had the stock darts for it, I think this gun has good potential so I am gonna check my local dollar stores and stock up on them. First mod hope you guys like it.

New Reactor Paintjob

09 January 2007 - 06:27 PM

I just saw this on hasbros site, looks like the reactor got a new paintjob.. yea I did search it.
New Reactor

My opinion is that it looks better than the old one.

Ghostbusters Nerf Gun On Ebay

07 January 2007 - 06:34 PM

Well I hear this gun is ultra rare, so I wanted to put a heads up if anybody wants one. Anyody know the ranges of these guns, and can they be modified?
Gun Here

Old Nightfinders Available At Toysrus

23 December 2006 - 11:55 AM

If this has been posted before Lock it please~
Look at what I found on Toys R Us site:
The old nightfinders are still available.

Magstrike Question

24 November 2006 - 02:05 PM

I just got my magstrike and I want to do an easy mod to it. Will I get better ranges if I take out the air restrictors on the clip? I dont have any stefans, will it make my range better with the dart tag darts?