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Bbb Breach Barrell Dilema- Help Is Appreciated

02 April 2007 - 07:06 PM

I had some brass sheeting lying around and was able to fabricate a clip/magazine (not sure what the proper name would be) and a breech on a brass barrel. I'm not sure of the exact diameter of the barrel but its about 8 inches long. I test fit a dart(suction with trimmed sides) into the brass and it fit but not very snug, it had a very slight slight gap around the darts outer foam layer.

BTW: I've done the air restrictor removal and did have a crayola barrel in before I started this mod.

My problem is that when I fire my BBB, the dart doesn't go very far.(About 10 feet) I'm assuming that 1) the air is coming out around the dart and therefore I'm losing effiency, 2) my breech is another source of air loss, or 3) my barrel isn't far enough into the plunger system of my BBB.

I cut about half of the original BBB barrel off so I could jam my brass barrell/breech system in. I didn't want to cut off the entire thing just in case I screwed up(which I did), so I could put a crayola back in. I seriously want to get a breech going on my BBB to increase Rof, but I'm stuck. Any sugestions fellow nerfers?

New Clip/drum Idea

22 December 2006 - 06:32 PM

The other day while cleaning out my room, I found one of those old cd-r stacks cases. I thought to myself, hmm that could make a decent gravity fed nerf dart drum. If you put the case on its side, cut out a hole and mounted it to the top of a barrel, it would make a decent drum type clip. I'm in the process of creating this, time is actually the only hting holding me back. My only concerns are: whether or not the darts will fall in place fast enough, how i can get enough air hitting the back of the dart as it drops into the barrel, and what gun should it be used on. Right now I'm thinking of mounting this "idea" to a BBB because I don't have any other Nerf gun that could be clip fed or that puts out enough power. any thoughts?

Question On Homemade Steffans

22 December 2006 - 06:27 PM

Ok I figured I'd post this in homemades since steffans are homemades.. DUH anyway i didn't bother searching for topics on making steffans because I know this is somehting we all run into while making them. Has anyone perfected a way to make well balanced steffans? I mean there are alot of different ways to make steffans(eg. fish weighted ones, thumb tacks, etc.) but has anyone developed a method to make the hotglue ontop balanced? My steffans seem to work fine in low to medium strength gun like a Nf, maverick, etc. But when I put my steffans in my at2k, BBB, or any other "high-powered" nerf gun, they sprial out of control. Has anyone perfected this?