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So I Modded My Rf20

26 February 2009 - 10:52 PM

I've been planning this mod out for close to a year now; and with a couple weeks of work, finally I finish. Enjoy.

Posted Image

Along with standard mods, I added 2 Magstrike bladders, drilled the piston's air feed hole, expanded the piston volume, and gave it new barrels. I also replaced the pump with a Magstrike pump because the rf20 check valve melted from over-pumpage. A bike pump would do a lot better.

I knew expanding the piston volume would drain the air supply too quickly to fire all 20 shots, so I sacrificed 2 Magstrikes for their bladders. You'll have to plug one of the holes that exit the bladders with something, then put new tubing on them. 8" should be long enough.

Posted Image

Take the white piece that the RF20 bladder goes onto and drill 2 holes into the back with a 7/32 drill bit.

Posted Image

Cut the end of the tubing coming from the magbladder's lengthwise 1'. This will help you feed the tubing into the holes you drilled. Use lots of super glue to hold the tubing in there.

Posted Image

Here's the internals so far. Dremel some spots for the tubing to come out of the shell.

Posted Image

Pop the piston open. There's a helpful guide on the Merry Men of Michigan's webpage on how to do this. There should be a hole under the moving seal piece on the end. Drill into it with a small drill bit. I used a CPVC spacer to hold the seal away from the drilling.

Posted Image

Follow the guide from my Assault Magstrike writeup to put a PVC expansion on the piston. You'll have to dremel some of the shell away for it to fit.

Posted Image

I was going to use a RF20 spacer plate on this, but I got impatient and figured out an alternative. Cut the back off the stock barrels. Then pull the center out. (Middle piece not pictured)

Posted Image

Use that thin center piece to space apart the inner 10 barrels of the turret, and then hot glue the outside barrels to that. Reinforce it however you want. Use half a tube of goop on the turret piece and stick the barrels onto it.

(Look at how well those barrels are done. It balances on the little washer on the back of the turret!)
Posted Image

Cut the barrels somewhere between 6-10". I left mine at 10" for the time being,but I will probably cut them down to 8". Once everything is all done, hot glue the bladders to the sides of the rf20.

Ramrod 20 darts in, pump it 120-150 times, and unleash the pain. Ranges are yet to be determined, but I believe this is the farthest shooting rf20.

With 8.5" barrels, 120 pumps, with 2 bands on the piston, flat, the darts landed between 70' and 90'. So I'm going to say that it's official range is 80' average.

Tri-barrel Secret Shot 1

26 September 2008 - 06:13 PM

This writeup will show you how to rebarrel your Secret Shot 1 with 17/32 brass, and also add a third barrel.

Posted Image

Stuff you will need:

12" of 17/32 brass
Pipe cutters
Super glue
A straw
5/32" drill bit

Posted Image

Open it up.

Posted Image

Take out this piece.

Posted Image

Cut the old barrel off, and the rubber tube.

Posted Image

Drill into the empty spot with the 5/32" drill bit. Also drill into the spot where the secondary barrel used to be because the hole is a little smaller there.

Posted Image

Super glue 1/4-1/2" of your straw on the empty spot. This makes rebarreling it easier.

Posted Image

Cut your brass into 4" pieces.

Posted Image

Goop the hell out of the orange piece then put your barrels on. Don't get any goop in the holes. I put a few drops of super glue down the middle of the barrels to hold them in place.

Posted Image

Cut the half of the SS1 shell where you need the barrel selector to go.

Posted Image

Dremel the inside so the barrels will fit. leave as much plastic as possible where the orange piece goes back in so that it stays in place.

Posted Image

Add some hot glue to the front to stabilize the barrels and you're done. If you want to wrap e-tape around the plunger head then do so. If you can find a good spring replacement then use it. With a spring replacement mine gets 40-50' flat.

Posted Image

Michigan Nerf War

13 August 2008 - 09:47 PM

The war is canceled due to lack of participants.

To stop hijacking Indy's topic, I've made a new topic. I'd still like to host a war at Friendship Park if there is interest, so here's the details.


Friendship Park
3380 W Clarkston Rd
Lake Orion, MI 48362


August 30th
10 AM ~ 5 PM. The end time is just an estimate.

Rules and stuff:

We'll test powerful blasters to make sure they are safe. Wear safety glasses; I will bring a few extra pairs. We'll play some of the standard team deathmatch games, along with some capture the flag and pistol rounds. We can also play some requests.



Field pictures:

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

More pictures at:

http://s24.photobuck.....endship Park/

11 Shot Magstrike

29 July 2008 - 01:52 PM

I made my clip for my Magstrike have 11 shots. It will be harder to do if you have a regular magstrike clip (with the guts still in it), but it could still be done if you have a large enough drill bit to make room for the barrel.

(This clip is so disgusting looking)
Posted Image

I took a plastic stick that I used for my Longshot magazines and cut it to 3/4". I lost the little bag they came in so I don't know the exact size, but it's the exact same size as the ridges on the Magstrike. Then I Used a metal file to give it a wedge.

Posted Image

I super glued it onto the clip.

Posted Image

Then I drilled the back plate of the clip. The hole could be bigger, but the next drill size I had was too big. I hot glued petg onto the hole and used super glue to make it air tight.

Posted Image

Assault Magstrike

18 July 2008 - 02:08 PM

So I did some risky mods to my Magstrike with hopes of making it shoot really far. I expected the range to increase and for the ROF and shots-per-pump to decrease. And the mods worked somewhat so here's what I did.

Posted Image

After doing the standard mods, I drilled a hole into the piston where I wanted to add a PVC extension (see other pictures for where I added it). I don't know what drill bit size I used, but it works good for 1/4" threaded brass fittings. That second hole inside the piston was already there, not from my drilling.

Posted Image

Two 1/2" PVC end caps, a 1/4" brass pipe nipple, and a little bit of 1/2" PVC. This is what the extension is made of. Build it as large as you dare (I made it as small as I could) with some pvc cement; Drill a hole into the side (same size as the hole in the piston).

Posted Image

Screw the nipple into the PVC extension and then screw the extension into the piston. Goop the hell out of it so it doesn't leak, and then hot glue, or other glue of choice, to reinforce it. Cut the top of the shell so that the extension can fit and so that it can move with the piston. Cut the front of the shell off so that that longer barrels will fit. Make a PETG clip with long barrels on it. I used 6" barrels because that was easiest.

Posted Image

I got 60-85' flat with one clip.
Ranges were varied because some of the barrels on the PETG clip were leaky as hell. The piston needs more banding and making a brassed clip would probably yield better ranges also. Have fun out ranging most guns at rapid fire.