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07 May 2009 - 02:46 PM

Britís Paint Tutorial

This was originally posted over on the HQ, but I thought that it couldn't hurt to post it here. This was requested by several members over there and has served them well

Ok, so I said this was going to be a video, but my camera crapped out and youíve waited long enough. What Iíve done is take pictures (as itís all my camera would let me do) at each key stage and Iíll fill in the rest with writing. Ok? Good!
Before we start,

These techniques that I am about to show you are partly because of the paints that I use. Your paints may not have the same affect. Although, this doesnít mean that you have to buy the same paints as me. Experiment and see what works.


Step 1.
Posted Image
Posted Image
Firstly, strip the gun, not yourself (unless you like that). Place the shell off to one side and start on the internals. Do whatever you what to them. I just drilled the ARís for now to save time.

Step 2.
Posted Image
Wipe down the blaster shell and any other parts that you are painting with a dry tissue. This removes any residue oil and dust and gives a clean surface for your paint to stick to.

Step 3.
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Apply a base coat of chaos black spray to the blaster. Try not to cover the thing first time. Make slow, sweeping movements across the shell until you have an even coat. Too much paint will result in the details of the blaster being lost under layers of paint. Also, make sure that you spray in a warm atmosphere. If it isnít warm, your paint will Ďbloomí. This is where the paint goes a funny white-grey colour. It isnít a good thing.

Step 4.
Posted Image
Posted Image
Apply a layer of varnish. I do this between every colour just as a personal habit. I feel happier knowing that there are several layers on protection on the PJ.

Step 5.
Posted Image
Posted Image
Now you can break out the brushes. Colours can be done by ear, so go with your gut and paint what you think is right. Always paint one colour at a time, this allows you to build up the paint job and see what it feels like. Always varnish between layers. To get the flatness with the paint, I paint slowly and use a big brush with lots of paint on. I go over the same area over and over again until no brush strokes can be seen.

Step 6.
Posted Image
Add any details. Details for me include screw heads and drybrushing. Drybrushing is achieved by dipping an old brush (something with splayed bristles) and dipping it in your chosen paint. Then wipe most of it off until you have almost none on. Then LIGHTLY pass the brush over the shell. The brush should just touch the shell. This makes sure that the paint only hits the raised areas, making them stand out.

Step 7.
Posted Image
Posted Image
When youíre sure that youíre happy with your painting, apply one final coat of varnish. Then reassemble and VIOLA!

Also, my LS in the same style
Posted Image

I hope that this has helped and any questions and comments may be posted below.

I wish i was that tallenented with tape and spray paint.

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07 May 2009 - 12:19 PM


Ok, so I went to Lowes just a minute ago and bought some FBR and washers. The problem is when I try to hotglue the washers on, the fbr melts. Someone please help me.


I use a hot tempercher* glue gun and it does not effect my mile high fbr.