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Stormfire Internal Pictures

04 July 2009 - 09:36 AM

Hi guys, I have just gotten my hands on a stormfire blaster that came in a set of 2 with the electronics flag.
Here are the pictures of the internals of the stormfire.

The stormfire internal pictures

Posted Image

Overall view of the blaster

Posted Image

Front part of the blaster

Posted Image

Trigger mechanism looks similar to the nitefinder

Posted Image

Plunger tude can be ar removed and be rebarrel with cpvc, petg or brass pipes

Posted Image

The spring as well as the oring part is shown in this picture it is similar to the nite finder. Can add one more oring as well as swap for a better spring

Posted Image

The back trigger cum priming handle of the storm fire looks similar to the priming handle of the nitefinder

Posted Image

You will need to remove this screw and detach the front part of the barrel before you can open the internals

Overall this functions like a nitefinder and the internals looks like one except the cocking mechanism area. Other than that it seems easy to mod this blaster and the ranges expected from this blaster should be in the ranges that a modded nitefinder offer.

Transparent Maverick's Price Check.

20 May 2009 - 08:57 AM

Hi guys,

I am new to NerfHaven. Anyway I am curious about the price of a transparent Maverick because I got a few of them in my hands and I will be letting them go. Anyone here can help me by telling me the current price for a transparent Maverick?