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Question: Angel Breech

31 August 2009 - 10:43 PM

Ok, I have a gun that I'm going to Angel Breech. My question is if it would be possible to maybe make a sleeve or other device that could make the thing able to exept stock streamlines as all the people that I play with refuse to play with stefans. My idea was to just make the main barrel a size for streamlines and to have a "stefan sleeve" if you will that I could shove in there to exept stefans. I just thought I should run this by you guys to see if there might possibly be a more efficent option. Your contributions are appreciated.

Cuttin' Longshots

20 May 2009 - 11:11 PM

Well I'm on commision for a friend who is inept at modding. He gave me his longshot and said, "Take her, treat her, spoil her, and raise her for war. Give her back to me and I will reward you, go well, Oreo."

Now I am doing CS's shotgun priming thingy for her but I don't own a jigsaw to cut the guide slots for the thing. I want to know how I could alternatly cut it. I thought I could drill a hole and stick the small sanding bit on my dremel and just sand it out but my father said it would be a bad idea. If any of you could help it would be sorely appriciated.

Ghetto Magstrike Overhaul

28 April 2009 - 10:01 PM

I haven't seen anything like this on the searches so I would like to post it on here, just so new modders know how to do it.

1). Open up the gun, be careful not to lose any screws, you will need them later.

2). That little plastic "wall" behind the bladder? Cut it off on both sides of the blaster.

3). Put the gun back together making sure that all the little peices are in their appropriate slots.

4). Go piss off your sister.

And there you have it. The mod every 6 year old kid with a magstrike should do.

Flames? Cause I know this will accumulate them.