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E-a-b Mod Questions

02 June 2009 - 01:18 PM

Hey everyone. This is my first post here at the 'Haven. I wanted my first one to be a write-up, and I should have one done shortly, but you know how things can be. Anyway, enough rambling. I bought a used Expand-a-Blast from a friend of mine at work last night, and got straight to work modding it when I got home. I'm basically doing CXWQ's Sch. 80 PVC mod, and had some quick questions. First off, how do you get the plunger head off to replace the spring? I managed to snap the orange disc out of the way, and I tugged at the actual plunger head for a bit, but I didn't seem to get anything but some stress on the plunger rod. I searched around on the forums and couldn't find anything definite. Also, there's a little cross-shaped piece of plastic in the bottom of the stock barrel. It doesn't look, to me, like it would really restrict the airflow that much, and might even act as a dart stop. Should I cut it out or not? I had another question I wanted to ask, but I completely forgot what it was. If I remember, I can always ask it later. Thanks for any help guys.