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New Guns

30 December 2003 - 07:33 PM

Does any one know when new guns are coming out? I was at toys'r'us and the had these new pices of crap that shoot 2 inches. One of the reasons im asking is because its hard to find maxshots in ny, well where i live that is.

New York Nerf..

18 September 2003 - 08:15 PM

Ok. I am planing to have a big war october 12th , columbus day week-end.
The reason I picked this date is because it is a sunday and it is a 3 day weekend.
If any one can come, beside the people in my town, tell me.

If a bunch of people are not avalible to play i will be trying to get a war some time in november. Aroung the off time at the end of the month 26th- 1st in between there.

Location Carle place, near westberry and mineola. This is about 30 mins from the city.

Whitch Combo Is Best?

16 August 2003 - 09:05 PM

if there r ne other good guns that will go with the guns listed above, that u can buy in stores plz reply

At3k As A Snper Gun

16 August 2003 - 09:53 AM

i kve found this new mod (well its new to me and no one was using one in the wars) when u are moding the at3k instead of adding the petg pipes i took the whole spining thing off(along with the unneeded inside parts of the spining thing). after this is done u can get a crayola marker, yes a crayola marker, and cut the end and top off.*(be sure u clogged up the air restricter and did the liquidation mod befor closing the gun)* make sure u take out all the insides. now u can hot glue the crayola onto the little peg that sticks out. now let this dry and make 3 layers of hot glue. (you will need it ) . now u can slide a pice of pvc right over the crayola .i put a liitle tape on the crayola so its tight on. i added a silencer to this gun and it is amazing, at first it was quiet but now u cant hear it. the silencer i made was just 12 small holes at the top of the pvc. 4 rows of 3 going strait down. the only reason i would have the silencer is b/c me n my friends play in the woods/opstocal corse and we need stelth out there or you'll get nailed. ***(this mod can be used on the at2k but not the at4k, along with other guns)***