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New Barrel Matirial Found!.

09 July 2009 - 01:48 PM

well this is my first real post so i desided to finaly publish something i have known for about a year.

if you can get ahold of better matirials then i sugest you dont do this .

hear it is. if you live in canada chance is that you have been to a petro canada and bought a slushie befour.
if you save the straw from the slushie, it can be used as a barrel for most nerf guns.

for example you can use it to make a big bad bow barrel. there are 2 ways of doing this i recomend the 2nd one.

remember: this is only an example . this matirial has menny outher applicastions in menny outher guns.

1. if you have two straws you can cut the first one in half and then cut one of these half in half.
the next step is to cut the 3 peises from straw number one down the midle so you can open them.
then use your glue of choice to stick the longest peice onto your second full straw. repete this with the 2nd longest and shortest peices.

finaly you have the barrel. now all that is needed to be done is to sand the inside of the big bad bows barrel to fit. cover the top with hot glue and electrical tape and its finshed.

way 2. simply take a straw and wrap about the length of the stock big bad bow barrel in electrical tape untill you get a tight fit.

and there you have it . a new barrel matirial to use.
( i also demonstrated this with my bbbb at massacre 4. i had made a speed loader for it. i traded it way for a vulcan.)

questions? leave me a reply. also tell me if you come up with any uses for this.

the size on the inside might be diferint at diferint stored because the started making thiner straws that you realy have to twist to get the dart in