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Happy Birthday Frenzied Fury

23 October 2003 - 04:46 PM

Hey, I just noticed Frenzied Fury turned 17 today. Happy birthday, man.

Star Wars: Knight Of The Old Republic

25 July 2003 - 07:05 PM

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic finally came out. I plan on buying it as soon as I can scrounge up some money. Has anyone else been anticipating it's release? It was rated the best RPG on Xbox (granted they don't have alot, but still...). Supposedly, you can customize your lightsabers by finding and using crystals. There are three classes of crystals, each with it's own purpose. One is for the saber color, while another determines it's strength, while the last one (and the coolest of all) is the real "customizer". It can make your saber better at like blocking laser blasts or cutting through steel. All in all, I am thrilled (even if I do have to trade in MechAssault to get it ::grumble, grumble:;).