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In Topic: Xbox Live Recreational Community House ---

29 October 2009 - 09:36 PM

iSi VeNoM iSi - Halo 3 (just about everything but mostly halo 3)

In Topic: Airtech 3000 Overhaul

16 October 2009 - 10:57 AM

Just got back on the forum from about a year or more break. ha But this is definitely what I'm going start working on. Gettn back into it!

In Topic: Ok You Primitive Screwheads, Listen Up!

16 August 2008 - 03:33 PM

Posted Image

Is that an Elder Srolls oblivion instruction manual?

I juse relized this is necro thread. woops Anyone who could shed some light on how good that spring is?

In Topic: The New Tommy 12

16 August 2008 - 03:21 PM

I think I saw one at a KB toys. I just overlooked it thinking it was the t20 though.

In Topic: Dumb-ass Mistake With A Stock Dart..

10 April 2008 - 04:07 PM

You could do what jwasko said, and do a breech mod.


All in favor?