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K26 + Yellow Ls Spring Query

05 July 2010 - 07:21 AM

I've put this off for a while in the hope i would find the answer myself but there has been no luck, so here goes nothing.

I have read up on a lot of Longshot modification tutorials/directories and found that the most commonly suggested spring combination for a Longshot is a 'Stock + BBB' or a stronger 'Stock + AR-15'. Captain Slug had also recommended using a [k26] from McMaster-Carr if the AR-15 was not viable, and living in the UK, purchasing a spring from a firearm is not a wise or possible choice. The problem now lies in the questionable durability of a Stock + [k26] spring lying in a Yellow/3rd generation Longshot, which is rumoured to have weaker plastic than its Blue/1st and 2nd gen brothers. I haven't come across any write-ups or videos detailing a Stock + AR-15 within a Yellow LS, let alone a Stock + [k26] which is a tad thicker in wire diameter, and obviously i am trying to avoid the blaster breaking in the first place: Prevention is better than having it fixed at a later date.

I would be doing the standard padding of the appropriate areas, reinforcing the bolt sled using this method, and most likely creating an external shotgun prime mod which should help lower stress on the insides. And if it makes any difference, i intend to create a brass breech too.

Would this be enough to ensure the [k26] won't break everything after a few shots? Would i need further reinforcement still? Or is this a colossal waste of time with a Yellow LS and i should only perform such things on Blues?

Any guidance would be appreciated.