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Finding A Blaster For A Friend In A Power Chair.

28 January 2010 - 10:12 PM

Ok. I'm starting up a Nerf club at my campus, and my friend wanted in. The thing is, he's got CP, and uses a power chair mainly. I''ve been wracking my brain for what would work with him best, and figured I'd go to you guys for help.

  • It's going to be primarily mid-range outdoor rounds.
  • He needs one hand to run the chair, so something that requires a minimum of priming/reloading is key.
  • Ideally one handed except for reloading.
  • Stock darts, mostly stock blasters.
  • Modding is an option.
I had started him with a DTB with a string attached to the slide, but that only sort-of works. It tends to hold the slide half cocked, causing misfires. My other thought was a Tommy 20, but that's a bit short on the range department.

He's really interested, and I don't want him to get frustrated. Any ideas? I'd really appreciate it, We're firing up soonish, and I want to get him set up ahead of time.

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10 September 2009 - 07:14 PM

Hello! I'm assuming you go, or know someone who goes to HCC then.

I've started a Nerf Club on campus, and with 9+ newbies I'd love some experienced hands.

It's probably going to be a laid-back club, do a skirmish once or twice a month, go to local wars, and maybe if the stars align, host a in house war. Things might change - it depends on peoples time.

It's likely to start as a mostly stock affair, but most normal war rules will apply.

If you are interested, PLEASE do e-mail me at naesdraw(at)verizon(dot)net.

Facebook: http://www.facebook....19898816&ref=mf

Thanks all!