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Hacking The Wii (do I Need Windows?)

02 July 2007 - 02:09 PM

I've had my Wii for about two weeks now, and I just found a handy little feature that includes saving games to a SD card. Even though I can find the wii's save file, I don't know how to extract it.

The file is a .bin inside about five folders, just wondering if anyone has found a way to hack this file, or even extract it. (I wouldn't mind having a level 9999 player or infinite health in Zelda)

I'm also surprised that on a generaly technological community that no-one else has talked about hacking consoles (there were a good deal of "which console do you like better" threads though).

Just asking, I don't mind if you have no idea. ;)

The Summer Influx Of Newcomers

28 April 2007 - 02:54 PM

Ok, this is my once a month post, as I try to limit my forum use to avoid addiction (yes, it's happened to me).

The summer is obviously the perfect time to start nerfing, thus the influx of new members by the thousands. I probably joined at the wrong time, when "prey" for angry members to flame about was scarce, and I consider myself quite the whatsit magnet. Still, there are now about 5 posts saying "Hi, I'm a noob" on the forum, and, being a noob once myself, I would like to contribute some vital knowledge beyond the code of conduct.

For one (I don't want to backseat moderate, that's not the purpose of this post) don't post a "hi, I'm here and I'm a noob" message, that was practically what my Cheapest Homemade Ever! topic was, and if you'll read it, you can see why no good comes of that. Don't start a flame war.

Learn your superiors: this should come naturally, but don't TRY to create trouble. For instance it would be a BAD idea to flame at Pineapple or Groove. Don't

With all those "don't"s you're probably wonder what you should do. You should (to at a minimum avoid being banned)

1. Post reasonable topics
2. Make sense
3. Actually read the Code of Conduct (I didn't, and man did I screw up)

Again, this is a post for the newcomers from someone who really wrecked his account in the start. I'm not trying to backseat moderate, just save people from making a bad first impression, and negatively reinforcing-so don't do what I did, noobs.

Barrel Length

11 April 2007 - 06:50 PM

Anyway, is there a plus to longer barrels, or shorter barrels, in real guns, the bullet is straightened in flight by a long barrel, in Nerf guns, the pressure behind the dart is constant, and the dart may even be slowed by friction.

So, what barrel lengths are reasonable? I understand that having a dart protrude from the end is power reducing (thus the use in store-bought guns) but is there any reason to make a barrel excessively longer than the dart itself?

I would tell you about why I'm asking this, but that would be one of those "can it be done?" posts, which is flame inducing. if that makes you mad- :P


I know this is half the kind of "asking and not doing" post that gets flamed, but I believe it is a valid question.

Bike Pump Burst Seal Rifle

11 March 2007 - 06:21 PM

I fully owe the accomplishment of this weapon to Badger, who's idea I found when browsing old topics:

I made a burst seal gun, I got it to shoot around 40' with 4 layers of plastic bag (search "burst seal" for a full explanation) I used a bike pump and two pieces of PVC. I will post pictures soon, but I'm in a hurry right now, they may be posted tomorrow.

The pressure sorce was a foot pump, and I just smashed bag between a big and small piece of PVC.

I hope to put a better barrel on it, and then maybe a burst-shell system of sorts could be installed, and possibly a breech.

Thank you Badger

I wrote this in hurry, really sorry I can't post pics right now.

Got more time, here's some pics:

Posted Image
The Gun

Posted Image
The valve/pump connection

I makeshiftly connected the pump by wrapping layers of duct tape over the end of the tube, and sticking a basketball inflator needle through them. The adhesive made a resonable seal.

The burst seal is just crushed between pipes, if you can see that.

I got it to shoot around 15' with no burst seal, and in the open (at an upward firing angle) with 5 layers of bag, it got around 50' (That's an approximation)

Edit: added bottom section

Concept Dart

09 March 2007 - 10:11 PM

I had extra time with some FBR, I don't know if this has already been invented, but I roughly mentioned it in another post.

By pie-slicing a short (to conserve foam) FBR dart body, and attaching BBs to the end, I made a shotgun dart, which shoots up to four incredibly small darts every shot. I'm still trying to perfect it, but it fires reasonably strong, and I can shoot it out of any stefan-capable gun.

I need suggestions on how to get better sealance with the cracks, and I thing this would only be effective in shell-loading guns, as it takes around 20 seconds to get the pieces together. Speaking of which, maybe their's a better way to put them together.

Here's some pictures that were mostly too close for my camera to focus on.

Posted Image

Posted Image