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Flintlock Pistol

19 June 2009 - 06:59 PM

Okay just a couple of warnings to start off: this is my first mod write-up all though I have looked at many others and feel like this should go smoothly. Unfortunately, I did not intend to do a write-up so all of these pictures are post-mod. Also, I play NERF indoors and thus this gun is made for an indoor pistol.

I will be taking the Buzz Bee Double Shot and making it look like a flintlock pistol. This will be using the rear cocking mod located in the modding directory, however I will still provide an explanation for it.

First step: Take your Buzz Bee Double Shot and saw off the front of the barrel up to the fore-grip.
Posted Image

Second step: Unscrew the gun and pop it apart making sure you take off the hinged access to the storage container on the back and remove the string from the back of the barrel by either undoing the knot or cutting the string ( I cut the string).
Posted Image

Third step: Take a hacksaw and saw off everything behind the plunger like so.
Posted Image

Fourth step: Put the gun back together and enjoy your new indoor pistol.
Posted Image

Unfortunately, this mod does leave a big hole in the back of the gun.
Posted Image

I am currently looking at ways to make a back to the gun to rectify this problem, but the plunger when the gun is cocked comes out farther then the hole. I am trying to find something to build a box-like structure to glue on to the back. When I do cover the hole in the back I plan on adding a safety clip to the back of the string so that it is easier to pull back to prime the gun.

Right now with taggers in the stock shells (again I do play indoors) this gun gets around 35-40 ft which is decent for a pistol. Also, I have many shells and due to the ability to flip the gun out to load shells, reloading is not that bad. With this barrel the darts actually fly straight and if proper aim is taken I can hit my target with ease.

For size comparisons here is a picture of it compared to a DTB.
Posted Image