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Nite Finder Plans For Modification.(mostly A Bunch Of Questions)

21 May 2009 - 10:12 AM

I'm going to buy another nitefinder and mod it. I plan on taking out the air restricter putting on a barrel but I don't know if cpvc or pvc is better. My techniques for adding ammo holders are taking out one of the things
with the two circles on the bottom front (I hope that makes sense) and gluing it on the side and taking out the the battery stuff and drilling half inch holes in the handle (obviously where the batteries go). also my longshot broke so I'm wondering if the gun can handle that spring. And if it can't how do I reinforce it so it can.

Here are some pictures of a previous nite finder. The picture one the left is of the ammo thing that makes no sense and the right one is the handle with holes where the battery's normally go.

pictures of gun
(The title should also include the word questions)