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I have an idea for adding swapable barrels to the Alphahawk (would lik

22 March 2017 - 03:32 PM

This is what I am thinking. Grab 1"-3/4 PVC reducer X2 (This may require some sanding to the inner portion of the gun to accommodate the larger outer diameter of the reducer).


Place one reducer right in front of the cylinder, and another towards the front of the blaster, secured in place with your choice of adhesive or other means.)


On the front reducer, drill a small hole in the side, Use a tap and appropriate size threaded screw. For your friction lock. Now you can remove and replace the barrel any length you want.



Alphahawk barrel extension.

21 March 2017 - 03:22 PM

Has anybody done a barrel extension for the Alphahawk yet?. I have seen 1 picture of an example but with nothing showing HOW they did this. I am mainly looking for a cosplay so It doesn't have to be functional. I want to make the barrel removable so I will have different options. (I.E. use it as a carbine or as a loser rifle).

Turning The Nerf Bandolier Into A Belt.

29 January 2010 - 12:43 PM

So this will be my first Mod post. But not for a nerf laucher this will be for the Nerf Bandolier. Just like the title states this a quick little mod. Now I know what you are thinking "its a bandolier its meant to be warn over the shoulder Chewie style." I totally agree. But for me I have a feeling it would slide off my shoulder during crazy nerf wars. So I wanted to turn mine into a belt. Its really easy. Things you will need.
1 The Nerf Bandolier (duh)
2. scissors.
3. Fabrictac (or some other fabric Glue)
4. A wide enough belt that the bandolier will rest on. Or if you are like me. A belt blank(and assorted belt finishing materials) from a leather store like Tandy Leather. That way you can have a personalized belt.
5. Pop or Craft rivets.
6. Lighter.
7. Heavy Duty Paper Clips. (The Black kind with the fold over grips.)
This is a really easy mod to do. I will post pics of my mod this weekend.
So step one. Lay the Bandolier (from now on abreviated NB) flat on a table. you want to cut the end of the NB off just before the first elastic strap. Save the material for a later step.
#2. You want to take the lighter to the frayed ends of the NB from where you cut the excess off. This will get rid of any frayed end and will slightly melt and char each end to prevent more fraying.
#3. (this part is assuming you have a premade belt or a belt blank already made the way you want)
lay the NB onto your belt and position it to where you would like it. Mark where the NB end on the belt using a pencil.
#4 apply a generous ammount of the Fabrictac to the underside of the NB and then lay it onto the belt. Using the Heavy Duty paper clips use them as claps for the NB and belt. Let it dry for 24 hours.
#5. For extra support I would either use some pop rivets or flat hammer rivets to Rivet the NB to the Belt.
#6. Attach the C clips to some of the extra material left over and then rivet those to your belt. So you have use of thos clips.
So that is a down and dirty Mod for turning the NB into a belt. I will post pics of mine this weekend. If anybody has any comments or constructive crit on how to improve this Idea please share.

An Idea For Storing Vulcan Extra Long Ammo Belts.

11 August 2008 - 01:17 PM

Has anybody toyed with the idea of using a back pack to store an extra long ammo belt for the culcan? You could cut a whole in the bottom of the bag for the belt to come out of and then feed into the breach.

Star Wars Nerf Blasters

14 March 2007 - 06:07 PM

Has any body picked up the new SW Nerf Blasters yet?