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Better-than-commercial-quality Crossbow

15 June 2009 - 07:30 PM

I have a dream... A dream of a better world, where we do not fear of our guns breaking because of the I-don't-give-a-shit-about-your-crying-children CEO who wants more money in his pocket, where we can kill someone by striking them in the frontal lobe and yet continue to play with our guns which remain intact, a gun to enjoy. So, ending the dramatic speech, my idea is to build a crossbow, out of materials such as polypropylene (strong) and steel, which is more durable than the excuses for guns that are out on the market. It shall cock like a shotgun, have a 5-round magazine (drum magazines will be made, too), use shells, and can be powered by crossbow string or internal spring. The goal is to establish a durable platform which others can then make upgrades for. So the things I need to know are:
1. Any features I didn't list you want included (hot tubs or plasma screen TV's shall not be used, no matter how many requests)?
2. Color scheme? (list all that you would like to see, I'll put up the most popular)
3.What kind of darts? I will only use stefans, so either recommend someone or suggest yourself, because I understand that they are different sizes, So I can only use one type. If I make it to the dimensions of your stefans, you will get a free crossbow, and it will attract more people to buy yours.
4. How much would you pay for it? Would you rather bid for it or buy it at a set price?
5. anything else I didn't mention?

No pictures so that none of you plagiarizing bastards take the idea.