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Nerf N Strike Game Trailer Released

03 October 2008 - 12:09 PM

The folks at Kotaku posted a video of some gameplay of the new N Strike game


In all I count about 28 weapons total

Real nerf guns usable: Titan (now with exploding rocket power), Firefly, Longshot, Maverick, Vulcan, Recon.

The complete shot:

Posted Image

This is the gun select screen, however if you watch the video you will see other guns that do not appear above.

Edit: The following nerf guns are now pending patents:
Raider CS-6 - 76691227
Shadow Fury Foam Swords - 76691228
Magstrike AS-10 - 76691229
Attack Unit Dart Blaster - 76691230
Slam Fire - 76691232
Stampede Rev 12 - 76691235
Rampage EBF-25 - 76691236

This by no means is an indicator that any of these new guns in the game will actually be released.

If you watch the video is slow motion you can make out some of the names of these new guns.

Crossbow Plunger Tube Measurements

18 September 2008 - 12:07 AM

Hello everyone,

I am looking for the measurements of the plunger tube of the crossbow. Primarily the length, outer diameter and the inner diameter. I would measure myself, but I do not own one.

My searches yielded no help.

If you have your crossbow open and a caliper handy, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Gears Of War Lancer Replica On Amazon

08 August 2008 - 02:02 AM

Sorry if this is old news.

Amazon is now taking preorders for a replica lancer. The price is 139.99 and the release date is November 7th


Credit: Kotaku.com

Ea Details Plans For Hasbro Brands. Announces Nerf N Strike Video Game

11 February 2008 - 06:22 PM


When Electronic Arts picked up the rights to a variety of Hasbro games last August, it had a slew of new toys to play with it when it came to licensed casual games. Specifically, the agreement gave EA's casual gaming division the chance to make games based on brands like Monopoly, Scrabble, Yahtzee, Nerf, Tonka, and Littlest Pet Shop.

Today EA Casual Entertainment revealed the first concrete glimpse of its Hasbro plans, announcing that the first two console and handheld games to come from the deal will be Littlest Pet Shop and Nerf N-Strike. Both games are being developed by EA's Salt Lake Studio, and will see release this fall on the Nintendo DS and the Wii. A PC edition of Littlest Pet Shop is also in the works.

Littlest Pet Shop will allow players to run their own pet stores, "building relationships" with their products and unlocking new animals, accessories, and playsets. EA will sell three different versions of the game, each with unique pets.

As for Nerf N-Strike, the game is based on the line of soft foam-firing toy guns, and includes perhaps the least deadly deathmatch modes of all time with single and multiplayer modes. EA is also promising a new Nerf blaster that will allow players to "take the action outside as their controller transforms to fire actual NERF darts."

Naturally, EA's plans for the Hasbro brands extend beyond those two titles. The publisher also confirmed that it is working on multiplatform versions of Monopoly and Scrabble, as well as other games to be revealed by the end of the year and a full slate of mobile titles and Pogo.com online offerings.

Buzzsaw Review With Pictures And Internals

04 January 2007 - 04:05 PM

Hello everyone,

Picked up a Buzzsaw just outside of Princeton this morning for $15USD. Here are some pictures. Larger pictures can be posted upon request.

Posted Image
The front of the box.

Posted Image
The Buzzsaw in all it's glory. It includes 4 balls which is kind of odd, because it can only hold 3. By pulling back on the rear handle, it causes the gears to turn the large red wheel. When you pull the trigger it lets the ball fall from the ammo tube and land on the wheel. It then spits the ball out similar to a pitching machine.

The faster/more times you pull the rip chord in the back, the faster the firing wheel will turn. The faster the spinning wheel is moving, the farther the ball will fire. With a full auto mod, all you do is hold the trigger down and it will fire all the balls in the ammo tube.

Unlike most other nerf guns, you must prime it at the time you want to fire. It will hold its charge for 5 to 15 seconds depending on how much you rev it up. It can also only be fired from certain angles so no John Woo shots.

Posted Image
A comparison shot of the Buzzsaw and the Ripsaw. The Buzzsaw is slightly larger internally to support the larger ballistic balls made today.

Posted Image
The trigger while depressed. This gun can be modified for full auto exactly the same as the Ripsaw by removing part of the trigger.

Posted Image
Internal pictures since someone is bound to ask for them.

The Buzzsaw is significantly quieter than the Ripsaw, particularly as it is winding down. If anyone can find a better file hosting site for mp3 let me know.

This gun functions exactly as the same as the Ripsaw in every regard. It however is much quieter, particularly as it is winding down. This might just be from being new. The range is what you would expect of a ball gun, but I would say it is worse than the ripsaw. I am getting on average 25-35 feet flat. You will be hard pressed to get these ranges out of a different ball gun. Range is determined by how fast you can get it spinning. Mine tended to shoot to the right, as my ripsaw was much more accurate.

Overall, it is a nice ball gun for those unable to find a ripsaw. It has plenty of potential for modification since it can be easily switched to fire fully automatic and the ammo tube can be extended. I would rank the ripsaw/buzzsaw as the #2 ballgun of all time, only behind the ballzooka. It gains points for it's ease of modification, and virtually unlimited ammo possibilities (My ripsaw can fire 40 shots fully automatic.) It however is very noisy, and virtually unusable for stealth roles. Ranges are good, but they are trumped by virtually every microdart firing gun.

If you love ballguns, or play a lot of indoor games in close quarters: buy it.