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In Topic: Tsunami Scattergun + Nightfinter

16 May 2009 - 09:34 PM

Cool mod. Check this out: Modification and paintjob thread

I am guessing i should have posted it there?

No, it's not necessary to post it there. There was a time, before that thread started, when everyone posted their mods as separate threads. It can get old when 1000 people have posted the same mod to their night finder, etc., but this is an original idea that deserves to be seen and discussed. The lack of the discussion element in the Mods/Paintjobs thread has removed the ability for different mods and things to be discussed in an open forum, so I see no reason for you not posting it here.

As for the gun itself, I love it! I especially love that you've chosen to make something so simple and weak relative to most primaries such as that Nite Finder be the primary for your contraption. Too many people are all brawn and no brains lately because what's available on the market doesn't give them a whole lot of options. But you took your brawn (the Big Blast) and MADE it into something that I consider brains, as an anti-rush device, and put it together well. Excellent work!

Thank you Falcon. :D

In Topic: Tsunami Scattergun + Nightfinter

13 May 2009 - 08:04 PM

The only thing is it looks akward to pull the trigger on the scattergun. Other than that i think its a genius idea. When we play as soon as we shoot our NF the other person knows its time to rush so the scattergun is a brilliant defense to that and the hot glue should hold it because its not that heavy of a gun for its size.

No offense but I think the people are going to see the 4b under the nightfinder so they won't even get close. Meaning they are no going to be like "Oh he shot the nightfinder rush him!!! Even though there is a gun hanging from the nightfinder!!!!"

By defense I meant that the intimidation factor will prevent them from rushing, but generally when Paul and I play rushing is a main factor.

I did pretty much say intimidation factor with "people are going to see the 4b under the nightfinder so they won't even get close."

Most of mine and Scott's battles are withing close corners, around doors, and in elevators, therefor the deciding factor in most matches is whoever shoots first and misses, they get rushed, most times leading to a loss. Also besides defending you can rush and most likely will not miss due to 7 shot spreads.

Looks like a good job mate. Just needs a good paint job and it would be finished.

I think it looks a bit awkward but hey if it works it's a genius idea.

Let us know how it goes when you use it in a battle.

Paint will be done hopefully by next week, i just got paid, awesome! Yea it is a bit funky looking, but hopefully it will work well. Most likely it will be used this weekend. I will be sure to post how it works out.

In Topic: Tsunami Scattergun + Nightfinter

12 May 2009 - 12:52 PM

I like it, looks pretty sweet
though it does seem like it might be strange to hold

If holding a NF is strange to you then yes, but the handle is the same as stock, without the battery cap on. The only difference is the added weight, but it is not that heavy, you cans till hold it out with one hand and wave it around. Also the bottom of the BBBB works well as a stock.

In Topic: Tsunami Scattergun + Nightfinter

11 May 2009 - 09:43 PM

How did you connect the guns togeather? It dosent look like much holding them togeather and if you gave it a hard hit it might snap with all the weight at the bottom. Otherwise, good mod!

Right now it is just hot glue and yes if i wanted to i can snap them apart, but it have to be allot of force. But i do plan on painting this someday, so it will be epoxied when I finish painting.

In Topic: Tsunami Scattergun + Nightfinter

11 May 2009 - 05:03 PM

Very nice. What are the ranges?

The ranges are same as you if you did the mod separate, has not lost any range.