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Uh, Hi.

09 April 2008 - 05:34 PM

I forgot how much fun I had back shitting my days away on the old Nerf boards.

Then again, I think I may have forgot just how much fun I've had.

So what's up with the community? And what's the biggest East Coast war that goes on? Classes end in a few weeks and I could use a roadtrip.

The Least I Could Do

26 April 2006 - 02:40 PM

Looks like there's another Maverick spoof in a webcomic.

LICD is a great strip that revolves around sexual humor...not something I suggest for people under the age of eighteen, but if you're mature enough to handle it, it's a riot.

The Maverick seems to be the weapon of choice for wreaking havoc around the home, studio, or office of any stressed artist.


22 April 2006 - 08:35 PM

I made a blog to complain about stuff.

Somebody should make a Nerf blog. When I say somebody I mean somebody who can spell and is aware of what is going on around them. I am afraid that this voids about 63% of you.

In other news, Coke Blak is good.

Listen For But A Moment, If You Would

15 March 2006 - 08:09 PM

So as some of you may or may not have noticed, another year has passed by in which I have been making my meager attempt at life. Waking on Sunday morning, I felt like I had been the sole survivor of a train wreck the previous night, and that it may have been my best interest to remain in bed for the next few hours. However, it seemed that everyone else had other ideas, because my phone was ringing and there were people at the door.

Fuckers, if you wanted to celebrate, you should have done it last night.

Regardless I am forced to get up and try a feeble shot at being happy and joyous from being woken from my less than admirable state. And what's more amusing is that they did not, in fact, want to offer me kudos on surving for yet another year without giving in to the obvious insanity, no. They were just making sure we had for plans for dinner tonight.

Yes Mom, I'll figure something out. No, I haven't called Dad yet. Uh-huh, I'll call them and thank them later.

So by this point it is in my best interest to begin to make myself presentable for everyone. After the daily cleaning ritual, I step outside to find it is probably the most wonderful day. People are out washing their cars, my neighbor is getting their RV ready for something...I will call it, if I may, peachy. It is because of this that I cannot sit around and make waste of the day, and I haven't recieved any of the sacrifices and such that are usually brought to me on this day. Hmm...

A quick phone call and a half-hour later, and I'm on my way to Best Buy with someone. I have been out of work for a while now, and going out and buying overlly expensive electronics is probably not the best investment in my money. It was fortunete, however, that I had pawned off an excessive amount of my gear that had been collection for a while, and had a nice fat stack laying around. Dealings with some less than legit contacts may have contributed to this, but that's another story altogether. Anyways, the wad of cash in my pocket was previously targeted towards a shiney new Ego, which still may be in the near future if I play my cards right. For those who play, the Ego is hands down one of the best markers availible right now. I've been shooting someone's for a bit, it's one of the most comfortable markers I've ever shot.

I'm not sure how to describe a trip to this sort of store. I would be in a state of euphoria, for the most part, but there are several factors that do not allow one such as I to enjoy this. I'm not sure how I do it, but I somehow have my wonderful shot of geekdom shot down by some act of greater powers. Regardless, walking into the local electronics store, especially with a great sum of money, will essentially put you in a state that is normally only obtainable using the highest (or lowest, depending on where you get them) quality of illegal substances.

I had been toying with the idea of getting one of these small, plastic boxes that played the freshest beats known to man, and were able to fit in one's pocket...so of course, that is where I headed. After, of course, stopping by to look at the notebooks. Now, I just recieved a nice laptop thanks to the forethought of my step-father last Christmas, and I should be perfectly content, but Apple had decided to release what is essentially sex in plastic casing. I believe they have titled this lovely goodness as the Mac Book Pro. However, the cretins working the store yet again failed to meet my needs, and had no floor models availible. Not suprising, considering it takes almost a month to get one right now, but regardless, I had the faintest glimmer of hope that there would be the glowing, radiant machine sitting there on an ancient Greek pedestal. At which point I would whip out the plastic and inform the nearest employee to ring me up and sign the next few years of my life to their ass.

I suppose it is a good thing, then, that they didn't have one there.

I did buy and iPod, though. I snatched a Nano up, and have been really enjoying it. I've never been big into CD players because of how bulky they are, but this is great. I can fit this in pretty much any pocket, and it holds enough songs to keep me going for a while. Basically, I went out and got myself a birthday present because no one else felt it was necesarry to reward me for my crawling out of bed that morning. And I will say; iPods rock. They rock like those chairs they have chained up outside of Cracker Barrel. Only much more so.

My brain has died through a combination of this and working towards a deadline that I very well may not meet.

In other news, I should really go find a new job...and a less expensive hobby...


12 March 2006 - 07:30 AM

I sincerely regret spending the night the way I did. All I honestly remember is some gothic girl, a really big fire, and a rap battle that turned into about twenty people singing country.

^^^Happy birthday to me.