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Driftkings Pistol Splat Ps-800/wipeout Mod

20 June 2009 - 09:56 PM

Hey im Driftking. This being my first post i thought it would be good to post one of my mods, so bare with me for this. Constructive criticism would be appreciated. No flames please.

Last Christmas, i was lucky enough to find a two pack of Wipeout dart guns, or the Pistol PS-800 splat as you call them in the US of A. There are not many (good) guns in Australia in comparison to USA, but this is quite a good one.

On with with the modification.

ALSO! I did the mod before i created the writeup, so if some things seem wrong, as in part placement or chronological order with taking parts out etc, feel free to post and ill fix it up!

This is what we are starting with.

Posted Image

1. Rip it open. You will need to cut off the "Sight"and orange ring around the end of the barrel. Sorry for not having a picture of those two parts, but this should give you a good idea.

Posted Image

Here is a picture of the internals, for reference.

Posted Image

2. As you can see the dirty big air restricter. We will be removing it.

Posted Image

Get some pliers and glip onto the little protruding part/tab thing.

Posted Image

Pull it out.

Posted Image

3. Add tape around the base of the peg which stabilizes the spring. There was a little bit of wasted space. But putting tape there, it increases compression which in turn increases power.


Don't use tape for the spring compression part of the mod. I have found that the tape has deformed and reduced in size, therefore reducing power.

Instead, put a sleeve of brass or possibly CPVC tubing over the springs "Base". These materials hopefully wont deform like the tape did.

But the tape will work for a while, so it could be a temporary fix.

Posted Image

4. Remove the spring inside the plunger tube. You will know it when you find it. No real need for a picture.

Posted Image

At this stage you can add your own barrel of choice or re install your stock barrel.I decided to leave the spring that slides over the stock barrel, as it increases the seal between plunger tube and barrel.

Also i removed the safety mechanism which wont allow you to shoot if the cocking handle isn't fully down. I did it to simplify the final products internals. this wont effect anything if you operate the gun properly.

Final Product.

Posted Image

Ranges: Good for a pistol. I haven't actually measured them. they dont matter anyway.

Hope you liked it.