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07 March 2010 - 09:17 PM

Location: Lakeside Park, Pawling, NY 12564

Date: May 1st

Time: 10am to 4pm

Rules: No singled Titans, Plugged BBBBs, ALL Titans, 5ks, Homemade Air guns, and Guns with plugged pumps that were designed to shoot anything larger than a mega dart. (LBB/BBBB, Signal Launchers, etc.)

.Don't be a douchebag.

.Eye protection is manditory, If your over 18 you have the choise to not wear it at your own risk.

Posted Image

What to bring:
At least one primary
darts, a lot
money/guns your want to sell/trade/buy
Long pants. (long grass and whatnot)

Zombie Revenge
Whatever else we want



Fastblast Crayola Mod

25 February 2010 - 04:26 PM

I've been a member of NH and NHQ and I have yet to see any modifications on the Fastblast. I've Heard a lot of people saying that its a horrible gun and people should not even bother to mod it. I personally love the gun, mostly because it's different then most guns and that it gets desent ranges. So, without further adue, my Fastblast:


1/2" PVC
1/2" PVC Coupler
Crayola Barrel(If you don't know what this is click here)
Epoxy or Plumber's goop
1/8 drill bit
Pipe cutter

>>>>> Improved air flow.

First off we're going to increase airflow. First unscrew the gun. There's no use in unscrewing the plunger so don't bother. I don't have any internal pics so try to follow along. Once opened Take out the pungler tube. It looks like this:

Posted Image

Now you want to take the tubing off the nub at the end of the plunger tube. It looks like this:

Posted Image

Now take your 1/8" drill bit and center it as much as you can. Drill it until your through. You could use a slightly bigger bit but 1/8 was the only one I had at the moment.

>>>>>Crayola barrel.

So I really disliked the turret on the Fastblast so I chucked it and decided to single it. So first off ditch the turret assembly. The peices look like this:

Posted Image

Next is the crayola barrel. First make your barrel if you haven't already. Next mix your epoxy or get your plumber's goop out and put it on the bottom of the crayola barrel and stick it on the blue piece that's connected to the plunger tube. Make sure it's centered over the nub in the center. The blue piece looks like this:

Posted Image

Next is to glue on the coupler. Put some epoxy/plumber's goop on the bottom and stick it to the blue piece so the crayola barrel is in the center of the coupler. Also it should be sitting on the ridge around the top of the blue piece. It should now look like this:

Posted Image

Now close it up. The last step is to cut some 1/2" peice of PVC. Mine are 7" and 13" but you could have what ever length you want. you could even make a breech if you want to.


To load it put a dart in the crayola barrel then put the pvc in the coupler and shoot.

Pie out.

May Someone Explain This To Me?

04 February 2010 - 07:05 PM

Well I got really bored so I decided to go to TRU.com and search the Longstrike, and heres what I got:

Posted Image

Is it me or does it look like TRU is selling these little buggers already? or am I wrong? please help me out.