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Texan Winter War

30 August 2009 - 08:27 PM

Okay, men. So, back at DAFT, some of you may recall darkside saying he was gonna host a war this winter. Well, that war evolved into Project Texas, which as you know, is in September. That ain't winter.

So, here's a thread for discussion.

Name Possibilities:
FAT - Foam Across Texas - 4 Votes
WTF - Winter Texas Foam - 1 Vote

Name For The Dallas Nerf War (to Be Visited By Sof)

07 February 2009 - 01:32 AM

Ok, so, I've started this thread to decide upon a name for the upcoming war in Dallas, which to clarify, will be visited by Season of Foam this year. This'll be especially important if this is to be an annual thing.

Leave your opinion in the poll.

Daft 09

24 January 2009 - 01:30 AM

DAFT Was a great success. I hope Darkside's war this winter works out and that DAFT 10 will be just as good.

Location: Cravens Park
Date: Thursday, August 6, 2009

Played with a variant of 3/15
You take 4 hits and you're out of the round. One hit, you hit the deck, count to 15, and you're up again. This means 4 lives.

Same as Deathmatch, except you've got unlimited lives. Again, hit the deck, drop what you're doing, and drop the flag. Your gun can stay in your hand, so as to protect it from fall damage. My friends and I played around with this, and it's a lot more fun than walking off to the staging area, like indoor paintball.

Same as CTF. Except, it's a "bomb", not a flag. You, also, don't need both bombs at your base. You need both flags, but as long as the enemy bomb is not at your base, it's 'kay.

This is my first attempt at organizing something like this, and I'm new to the forum, so please don't be an asshole. I'll take advice, not rude comments. Thank you, and good night.

Attendance List:
Wing'd Man
Several Unidentified

Banned Blasters:
No sense in having this anymore.

To the Parents:
Ok, listen, I know you're worried about your baby, your little snookie-wookums, your pumpkin. All parents are. It's natural. In fact, please, do try to protect them.

That said, Nerf is a great way for a kid to get exercise, safely vent aggression, build team skills, and have fun, not to mention it's something they can be doing on a summer day with their friends, instead of trying the new drug on the street. Nerf, unlike its contemporaries, Airsoft and Paintball, is not a painful experience. Since the toys are made of plastic, they can't hold the pressure or the potential energy to launch anything fast enough to break skin.* Also, the projectiles are made of a Non-Expanding Recreational Foam (Ahem, NERF), which is soft and yielding. A paintball assuredly leaves a welt. A BB can pierce skin. A foam chunk can hit with enough force to alert someone they've been "shot" by a member of the opposing team.

The above is made especially true at the ranges we'll be seeing at this "war". This will take place on a high school campus. It is very large, and no Nerf dart from any Nerf Blaster, no matter how it's been modified, can fire even half of the way across any two edges. The highest range I've ever seen in a Nerf toy was a modified N-Strike Titan ASV-1, which is designed to fire a large rocket with a collapsing cap slowly at people, to shoot a single dart. It went 200 feet. This is less than a football field. The campus is about 3 acres wide. And, even then, that type of blaster is banned from this "war".

If you would like to contact me to talk about this matter, my email address is Slovak423@yahoo.com.

With all due respect,

PS: There are a few that can launch at such speeds, but they're heavily modified and banned from this activity. If I see someone carrying one, I will ask them to put it away. If they continue, I will make sure they leave. And thanks to all of you who drove a million miles for this.

Eye protection required.
This can be anything from the Dart Tag goggles to snowboarding masks to paintball helmets.
Bring plenty of fluids. I can't keep water for 20 people cool and at the ready. Especially if we're all running in 100 degree Texas heat.
Prepare to lose most of your stefans, due to heat wear and, of course, normal stefan loss.
Don't bring guns that can't survive being heated, overall, to over 130 degrees. This isn't a problem for stock guns, but with some of the adhesives in modded guns, the heat can break them down. Left in the sun, a gun can easily reach temperatures that high. If the gun doesn't feel right, stop using it and put it in the shade. I will not be held responsible for damaged blasters.

Salmon knows that well, but luckily, Darkside brought stuff to fix it.

Finally, the list of gametypes:

Team Deathmatch
Capture the Flag