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The New Nightfinder

17 December 2006 - 02:31 PM

Ok so yesterday I want down to target to get my little brother his Christmas present. I am making him a double NightFinder. So I got two for him and one for myself. They are all the New ones with the Yellow, dark-grey, light-grey paint color schemes.
Posted Image

I de-packaged it. and I am pretty sure that they used a harder plastic, and thicker plastic. It is a little bit heavier. (Which I personally like :P )

I opened my own one up to mod it, and I saw the spring. It is crap. <_< It is the same spring that they use for the Firefly just shorter. :angry:
This is a size comparison picture:

Posted Image

The one on the right is the older (better) one that I had lying around.(it is from one of the previous grey-green NFs) The middle one is the spring from the new NF. And the one on the left is from a Firefly.

I am able to compress the new spring with two fingers. Something I am unable to do with the older one.

Well folks, this sucks if you ask me.

But there is some hope! the old spring can fit inside of the new spring!

Posted Image

So here's my analysis of the new NF:

~Stronger plastic (more durable)
~It looks sexier than the last one.

~Weaker spring

At the Target that I went to, they only had this edition of NFs. So my advice is for all you NF lovers is, Go drive/run/bike/fly(Piney)/hop/wheelchair/waddle/skip/hop/roll to your nearest Target/Walmart/TRU or whatever your nerf supplier is, and get asmany of the grey+green edition NFs as you can.

~This has been a consumer report with Elf_Avec_Gun. Tune in next time when we discuss whatever else Hasbro comes out with next.

PS: Sorry about the poor quality of the pictures, All of my future ones will be better cuz I am getting a digital camera (hand me down from my sister) for Christmas.

Idea For Silencing A Spring Powered Gun

15 October 2006 - 04:17 PM

So I was range testing my Ls today because it was really nice out. And as many of you know, when a modified Ls (+BBB spring, -ARs) is fired it makes onehelluva bang. Something like this tends to give away one's position. So I'm wondering if shortening the plunger rod just a little bit (so that the plunger head doesn't hit the front of the inside of the inside of the plunger tube) and reinforcing it with some sheet aluminum (so the force of the spring doesnt pop the plunger head off or crack it) would help to make the thing quieter.

This would go for most other spring powered gun with this type of set up too (I would think)

EDIT: I realized that I forgot to say that the springs would have to be shortend and/or connected in two places: the back of the plunger head and the place that the other end of the of the spring rests on.

Another Mn Nerf War

02 August 2006 - 12:51 PM

Ok so I along with several other nerfers think that we should have another nerf war. So Iím thinking middle of August between the 19th and the 25th from noon and 6-ish. As for the location; my uncle has a 78+ acre lot out a little bit outside of Chaska (donít worry it ainít no farm land but it is surrounded by some). It has a bunch of wide open fields and a huge densely wooded area with paved paths going through it. It also has several garages and buildings we could play around. My uncle has several ATVs, a few Gators 9not the (animals obviously) and a go-cart all of which he would most likely agree to let us use if we agreed to not drive too recklessly. I will get pictures up as soon as I get a chance to get out there and put directions up ASAP. So please state which days you would be able to go and anything else you might need to say. B)

Edit: Oops I forgot to say what to bring :rolleyes: You should bring two primary weapons (Incase one of them breakes) as well as two pistols, and one sidearm (which can be one of the pistoles) Bring as many stephans as you can that fit your gun. I will bring a hot-glue-gun (with sticks) some superglue and several different sizes of screw drivers.

And because it is such a huge area that we will be playing on I am going to allow the Titan but only for use in a situation where the person shooting is atleast 100 feet away from the person recieving the shot. But I will bring some Disney band-aids just incase we need to heal a boo-boo cuz we all know that they can heal any ailment.

And Janga why the heck would you need a Titan when you can just use your RZB?

Trigger Designs

23 July 2006 - 06:09 PM


So I myself have tried, used and thought up many different for trigger ideas and well not all of them have worked so great and some didn't even work at all :P. Today I was really bored so I decided to create a new topic inorder to compile a list of trigger ideas that you guys have thought up. I dont think this has been done before(I searched but didn't find one/ any)

So please post all tigger ideas that YOU yourself have configured or thought up. Please dont post Carbons clothspin trigger idea (unless you are Carbon) or anyone else's idea (other than your own) that you have seen posted before. Of course I understand that more than one person has thought up the same trigger idea as someone else before but if it has already been posted on here please dont repost it.

Ok so post your idea with a pic even if it a picture of a design scribbled on a napkin or part of a pen or a mspaint pic just so long as we have a visual reference; also in your post describe what the trigger is and how it is/ was supposed to work and state if it worked or didn't work.


**STICKIED BY PINEY** Get some ideas here before you start on your homemades.