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Big Blast W/mav Turret

22 February 2008 - 02:52 AM

So I posted a topic awhile ago about this, and a few people asked me to do a write-up, and I apoligize for the delay and to any administrator/moderator/overbearer who reads this, I hope it do this to your liking, this is my first write-up. Thanks to Forsaken_Angel24 for showing me how to resize pictures. So unto the mod...

Parts needed:
-Big Blast
-Super Glue
-Hot glue + Gun
-Maverick turret with all parts to it (including the long rod thing that holds it together)
-Dremel (with grinding bit)

First off, this is what you'll be making...
Posted Image

So really the only hard part of all this is actually getting the turret on there. Once you've got it on just coupler/pump-plug mod it and you're done. So first you need this part from the maverick...
Posted Image

And to show where it is on the maverick, it should be in the center hole on a normal Maverick...
Posted Image

Now if you look down the barrel you can see the little barrels inside the turret have been cut away/dremeled so the PETG fits...
Posted Image

So here's what a normal turret looks like, and then taken apart into three sections...
Posted Image
Posted Image

So take this part of the turret and hacksaw/dremel it off. Try to make it as clean as possible, if not just sand it down till its all flat...
Posted Image

Now this is the part where you need a dremel. Grind out those holes until you can fit PETG through it...
Posted Image

Now do the same thing to this part of the turret with the exception that you want to make hole in the bottom of each part of the turret. You want the PETG to fit tightly in it...
Posted Image

And what it should look like at the end...
Posted Image

Now do that six more times and then put a piece of PVC in the coupler and dremel it down so that the PETG fits because it won't go in otherwise. Also don't forget the Metal rod that holds the turret together...
Posted Image

Honestly I wouldn't use this gun in a war, like I said it was more a concept. However use it to your liking. thw whole process took about an hour. You can decide how long you want your barrels to be. Basically you just twist the turret and push in another barrel, pump, and fire. Enjoy!


Big Blast With Integrated Mav Turret

12 February 2008 - 01:18 PM

So I know I said I was going to wait for people's opinion's but I got bored and thought i might as well post it. Again sorry about the big pictures.
Posted Image
Posted Image

What Happens When You Have A Lbb And A Big Salvo Lying Around?

19 August 2007 - 02:57 AM

So I got bored tonight and found my LBB and Big Salvo lying around an deceided to do something with them. I'd give more of an explanation but its 4:00 in the morning so more details tommorow. I present...
Posted Image
Posted Image
Comments, Criticism, Praises?

Titan Rifle

17 June 2007 - 11:31 PM

So I bought the Unity Power System and wanted to recreate the titan so its fittable in my bag. I was looking for ideas and was looking through the modification pictures section and came across CustomSnake's AT2K Shotgun. With that in mind I give you the Titan Rifle.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

I can make a write-up if you all want me to.

Shotgunning With A Titan

31 May 2006 - 06:32 PM

In my clan single-barreling a ttian is illegal. So, does anyone know how I can Make two barrels or more?