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In Topic: Armageddon XX: SoCal's Largest NIC War (6/29/19)

05 June 2019 - 12:30 AM

If the person who took the clamps holding up the trash bags at the end of the war last year is attending this year, please return them thanks.

In Topic: gun vs blaster debate/ gun+blaster use in yesteryears

13 May 2019 - 01:12 PM

We've been calling them blasters for probably longer than you've been alive. The emphasis on moving away from firearm nomenclature arises from the believe that nerf is a hobby/community/activity and not consumer armchair military fetishism (i.e. airsoft, which is heavily retail-consumption based).

In Topic: On the topic of SCAR barrels

01 January 2018 - 05:28 PM

[extremely 2009 voice] Due to low density variation in traditional projectiles, the center of mass is far from the nose and close to where the sum of fluid forces act, and so the projectile will tumble in flight along axes not parallel to the direction of travel. This is mitigated by spherical projectiles, but even these when rotating during travel will suffer from the Magnus effect. Thus, imparting spin to these projectiles improves stability by adding a large amount of angular momentum around the desired flight axis.

On the other hand, in foam projectiles, the center of mass is far forward from the center of pressure. Thus any tumbling motion though an axis not parallel to the direction of travel is resisted by a restoring force in the fluid field. In this case, attempting to give gyroscopic stability will have very little impact on flight stability. [/extremely 2009 voice]


I can't believe 10 years later this discussion is still going on.

(Regarding solving the muzzle blast issue for fishtail-inducing turbulence, I simply installed a longer barrel in my Caliburn, but I suppose kids buying kits and not in the modding hobby don't have various lengths of barrel material sitting around)

In Topic: Rival series flywheels and Magnus Effect?

10 October 2017 - 11:42 PM

If the idea of doing it with desync'd motors is to avoid the power loss of a hopup, for the projectile to receive spin, you will need slipping past one of the other motors, which means you have to tune both your motors speeds and tune the friction difference between your two flywheels and not really avoid any power loss compared to just driving both motors at the same speed and imparting your spin later.

You should definitely focus experimentation with homemade hopup modifications and report the results. Alternatively you can probably find some 3rd-party modification that wasn't tested at all but is marketed to do m a g i c and waste money on it because applying critical thinking and experimentation is too much cognitive load.

In Topic: Caliburn: Mag-fed Pump-action Springer

10 October 2017 - 11:32 PM

Is there a reason the holes in the plastic bolt attachment for mounting the rails are printed so loose? In ESLTs any hole that goes into the plunger tube is tapped, even if all structural support comes from external tube or rails, because this mean the incoming screw will mostly seal.

Most of the holes still have to be drilled out, so I feel it's reasonable that even if the horizontal/ortho-planar aluminum rail mounting holes on the bolt piece aren't tapped, they should at least be printed to a smaller bore, and then either drill+tap it for 4-40 or drill a slightly larger hole and self tap the 4-40 rail attachment screw through there.

I epoxied together my bolt but still saw poor outdoor performance even with a [k26] until I filled the holes in that rail area in with MEK.