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Printed Nerf Gun

03 October 2010 - 08:46 PM

So participating in Humans vs Zombies at my college has inspired me to get back into nerf and nerf modding. I've got a few mods I want to work on, but I'm planning something new now. I bought and assembled a makerbot 3D printer this summer, which, if you haven't heard of it, prints out an object in ABS plastic (same as legos) from just about any 3D model you can make. I'm hoping to build a simple nerf gun with it, and release the designs publicly so everyone can make derivative designs or print their own. But while I've done a few mods I don't have any experience with homemade guns, so I thought I'd solicit some advice.

I'm thinking of doing something kind of like the nitefinder, just a simple body with a barrel to put the dart in, a handle, a trigger, and a cocking mechanism. I'm wondering what parts of the body need to be airtight, and what parts of the gun will need to be the most sturdy, and I'm also interested if anyone has any design ideas.

If anyone posts a file (preferrably .stl or .skp format; the printer takes .stl and I'm hoping to use sketchup to design the thing) I'd be happy to print it, test it, and give you credit when I release the final design. The max object size I can print right now is roughly 100mm^3, but any design could probably be split into pieces and assembled with abs cement or screws. Additionally, any overhangs of more than 45 degrees may not print right, so keep all that in mind if you're desigining something.

I'll be updating this topic as the project moves forward. I'm not sure if anyone has ever printed a working nerf gun, but any advice, suggestions, or links to previous efforts would be much appreciated.

Update (10/8): I'm going away to a cabin with my family this weekend, and I have lots of midterms next week, so I might not be able to do much work on this for a little while, however, here's what I'm working on so far.

Posted Image

This is just a prototype to see how everything fits together, its not meant in any way to be functional. For the final design I'm going to fill in the walls on both sides, and use PVC for the air chamber (not shown because it doesnt fit) and the barrel. I'm also going to completely redesign the trigger mechanism, because right now it doesn't make any sense as to how its going to work. I'm thinking of doing something along the lines of a clothespin trigger, but I'm not really sure how it'll work in the end.

Springs For Nf

15 April 2006 - 06:51 PM

I've been trying to mod my NF for a while, ive rubber-banded it, but i want to replace the spring. I'm just back from my first unsuccesful attempt, which failed because the spring was MUCH too strong. For everyone else whose modded their night finder, where did you get your springs, and what kinds/strengths of springs did you use.

Ive looked at some of the other NF mod's people from these forums have done, but it doesnt say where they got their springs.