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Glue-less Nightfinder

06 April 2009 - 02:42 PM

This topic looks like a n00b topic, I know (I'll post a writeup later) but I discovered something about the NF.

Today, I had decided to modify my new Nightfinder. I had recently almost run out of super glue (I had to use pliers previously). However, I have bad experiences with hot glue attaching a barrel (for example, the lower barrel of my double NF isn't powerful enough to shoot the dart completely out of the barrel). So, I decided to do something differently. I found a half CPVC coupler on my workbench and decided to use it. I wrapped it in E-tape until I had to hammer it into my NF plunger tube. I hammered it in, and it stayed put. I wrapped that in a layer of E-tape. Then I tried it out, and it worked beautifully. I can put my hand on the end of the barrel and it slows down the plunger. I would recommend this to a inexperienced modder with little modding supplies.

Double Nf Writeup

23 January 2009 - 06:02 PM

Double manta-style NF

By Oh1134

Awhile ago, I had wanted to make a manta-ray style NF. So, I searched and looked in the
directory, and all I found were pictures of what some people ha done. So, later, after
I got two nightfinders, I busted out my camera and got to work.

EDIT: The barrels on this thing are crap. Use other methods, as the barrels will eventually break.

Posted Image
2 nfs
CPVC/barrel of choice
hot glue

pipe cutters(optional)
hot glue gun
drill (optional)

First, open up yer NF.
Posted Image

Unscrew the plunger tube and pull it out.
Posted Image

Pull of the barrel and dump out the AR's
Posted Image

See this?
Posted Image
Whittle it down to this.
Posted Image

See this?
Posted Image
Cut/drill it to this.
Posted Image

Glue your barrel onto the part that had the post.
Posted Image

Scrape your knife inside the front barrel part until your barrel fits through it. It takes awhile, but it's worth it because
it makes the barrel sturdier.
Posted Image