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Ebay Filter (tweaked)

06 April 2009 - 03:51 PM

I have been using Uriel's ebay filter for quite some time but it had some flaws. I have corrected it and now it is much better. Don't get me wrong, Uriel's was great, but now there is new stuff like DS cases and Wii sleeves. [url=http://shop.ebay.com/items/_W0QQ_sopZ1?_nkw=nerf+-%28herder%2Cstainless%2Cbars%2Carena%2Cps2%2Csteps%2C+running%2C+basketball%2Cjr%2Cwarcraft%2Chockey%2Cr+++ails%2Cpen%2Cracing%2Caluminum%2Ccars%2Cboards%2Cwestin%2Cfootball%2Cpens%2C+soccer%2Cford%2C%2Cjeep%2Ct+r+u+ck%2Cbumper%2Cbar%2Cdodge%2Cyamaha%2Ctoyota%2Czurg%2Cparker%2Cwii%2Cholster%2Csandals%2Cflipflops%2Cflip+flops%2Cshoes%2CDS%2Cds%2Cwing%2Cping+pong%2C+tennis%29&_sacat=0&_trksid=p3286.m270.l1313&_odkw=nerf+-%28herder%2Cstainless%2Cbars%2Carena%2Cps2%2Csteps%2C+running%2C+basketball%2Cjr%2Cwarcraft%2Chockey%2Cr+++ails%2Cpen%2Cracing%2Caluminum%2Ccars%2Cboards%2Cwestin%2Cfootball%2Cpens%2C+soccer%2Cford%2C%2Cjeep%2Ct+r+u+ck%2Cbumper%2Cbar%2Cdodge%2Cyamaha%2Ctoyota%2Czurg%2Cparker%2Cwii%2Cholster%2Csandals%2Cflipflops%2Cflip+flops%2Cshoes%2CDS%2Cds%2Cwing%2Cping+pong%2C+tennis%29&_osacat=0.[/url]

*Please note that this was originally Uriel's and I tweaked it and added more to it. I do NOT in any circumstance take full credit for it.

I hope I am/was of service to you!


I Have A Question.

31 March 2009 - 03:17 PM

I Don't Like To Post Help Threads But I Need It. I'm Am Gluing My Coupler On My NF And It Wont Fit. I Dremeled It And It Still Wont Fit. Any Suggestions? Thanks!


29 January 2009 - 07:38 PM

I can but one or two sharpshooters for around $10.
Is it worth it? I have no experience with them. Modded are they any good? Ranges?


New Barrel Material And More!

11 January 2009 - 05:53 PM

I think I have found something that no one (I've seen) has done. It's a cheap barrel material, and it comes with a coupler-like fixture. It's a smencil case. My little brother's school had some, so I told him to pick me up one. Turns out the case for the smelly pencil is a clear PETG like material. They cost 1$ and I have seen them everywhere now. It's some sort of fundraiser thing. Here's a picture of one:
Posted Image
The coupler-like fixture is actually the cap.
Posted Image
I dremmeled out the top of the cap so the air could get through into the case (barrel).
Posted Image
I now epoxied the cap to my desired place.
Posted Image
Now when you want to load your dart you just un-cap the case
Posted Image
It works very well, since it's air-tight, and only a buck! And it fits stefans PERFECTLY (mine at least). Mine stefans are made of ACE Hardware's grey caulk saver. Here's the final product:
Posted Image
And by the way, I epoxied it to my BBB .
Here are some more pictures:
Posted Image
Posted Image

I hope you found this useful. I don't know if it would go in the modification directory.


Edit: Huge pics? Anyone know a solution?