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Titan Speed

28 March 2006 - 03:15 PM

So on a day off from school, one of my friends went to his mom's high school and brought home their photogates. Photogates use infrared transmitters and receivers to track the velocity of objects that pass between them, in this case, nerf darts.

Muzzle velocity of a fully modded titan: 249 MPH!

While I let that sink in, here are velocities of other guns:
nite finder: 49 mph
SM5k: 192 mph

To answer any questions, testing was done with all sorts of darts(whistler, micro, stefan, etc.) and there was virtually no difference in speed at near-point blank range. Also, priming was done from 15-20 pumps and there was hardly any speed discrepency at so close, 249 mph was the maximum.
Obviously, the differences among darts/pumps become more conspicuous at greater ranges, but regardless, at ~50 ft, any given dart will be moving at least 200 mph. Kinda makes you think twice about...safety goggles?
I'll try hitting my friend up for greater ranged speeds/specific guns if anyone is interested, but i can't guarantee anything.
Any questions and I'll be happy to answer. -Jabs