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Simple Combustion Mini Nerf Gun

23 June 2006 - 03:10 PM

I got bored with my main project (a rendition of Boltsniper's BS-1 rifle) a couple of days ago and decided to make a simple combustion nerf gun out of this cool aluminum energy drink bottle one of my friends gave me. I wanted to keep it small so I could take it with me and hide it in inconspicuous places. It utilizes the same basic firing principles as a potato gun: alcohol in a spray bottle and a grill ignitor. Despite its size, it gets pretty decent range (I'd say around 50 ft with very light weight darts). I think if I increase the mass of the darts, I will get longer ranges. The darts I am using now just kinda spin out of control after a while. I want to try firing some 1/2" ball bearings if I can find them, even though that might be a little dangerous. :blink:

Anyway, here are some pics. Remember, I did try to keep it simple, so don't go looking for any bolts or magazines or anything like that. :blush:

Posted Image

This is a shot down the barrel so you can see the two pieces of copper I crossed to prevent the ammo from falling into the main chamber where the alcohol explodes. I put the two pieces of copper in the coupler you see in the first picture and then glued the pipe in to secure them.

Posted Image

Here's the sparker assembly. The inside of the cap was really smooth so I had to grind it down to the metal and use a special epoxy to get the wires to stay in.

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And here's the entire thing put together and ready to fire. It makes a pretty loud report. Loud enough to scare a few of the birds out of the trees around my house.

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