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Nerf Gun Reincarnation, Anyone?

02 November 2007 - 04:04 PM

The other day, I got bored with my "real life" so I deciaded to return to the hobby where to quote baghead,

"I can think like an engineer, and act like an 8 year old."

I went and dug up my 3 remaining guns. (magstrike, custom At3k, and micro firing reactor)

The At3k was exactly what I was looking for. so I took it apart to find out what had gone wrong with it a while back when I had quit nerf.

Low and behold, the flange had broken off the front of the valve, leaving the barrel *floating*, and causing the 75-80 foot ranges that I had seen for so long out of it. (Keep in mind, it is singled.)

So, I took the thing that used to hold the BBB barrel and I chopped it down, and filled the end with fiberglass, except for a small amount of barrel so the dart doesn't get sucked back in.

Here's the end result. Ranges in the 100's on most shots. The barrel is angled down slightly to compensate for how the valve gets pulled up when you pull the trigger. Otherwise, it would angle the shots and make me miss or hit around the forehead. (kind of like the old civil war flintlock rifles)

Ok, ok. I'll shut up now.

Picturey goodness!

Posted Image
Above: view from the side
Posted Image
Closeup of the coupler mechanism, which consequently gets better range than a standard CPVC coupler setup.
Posted Image
view of the front at an angle

New Style Nitemav

02 April 2007 - 07:08 PM

So today, I completed my first nitemav. It fires fast and powerfully, but it took a LOT of custom dremeling. It is kind of sloppy, but I am satisfied with it. It is clip modded, and can empty a clip in roughly 9 seconds.

Picture one: the gun; top view

Posted Image

The gun and clip

Posted Image

The clip itself

Posted Image

The gun with my custom painted, cpvc couplered AT3K

Posted Image

So, any questions?

Anyone want to take a shot to the balls with it?

That's what I thought.


New Nerf Tech Target!

06 January 2007 - 04:09 PM

There is a new N-strike tech target. It is not the scout, but it is not the original either. It fires micros and has a much beefier spring and larger plunger tube. The one shown in the last two pics is my slightly modded one. With the AR removed, using dart tag darts, and two smaller o-rings to keep the original in place, I am getting these ranges:

Shot 1: 47' 6"
Shot 2: 51' 7"
Shot 3: 49' 11"

And the accuracy is perfect at 45 feet, 10 out of 10 hits on the target that came with the gun.

Well, I've talked enough, here it is.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Pretty intimidating, eh? The gun gets much better ranges (above 70 feet) with stefans, as I put some brass in the back of the barrel to build pressure with stefans.


Nerf Is Life

10 May 2006 - 01:02 PM

Well, I was bored and started to play around with my old forum, and then it hit me. I could turn it into a nerf forum. I immediately added sections that were nerf based and such, and it turned out nicely. A visit to the IF skinzone gave me a nice template. Then, friendly nerfer joined so I tested the controls on making him a mod and stuff. It worked nicely. I am working on a website for content, but right now, here it is.


Well, tell me what you think. Don't bash me for restoring my forum's former glory, just tell me what you like about it, what needs done, etc.

Thanks for looking,

Bbb Cracked Plunger Head Guard ... Crap!

09 May 2006 - 05:34 PM

My big bad bow had always served me well. It had fired 2000+ shots fine. One day I fired it, and low and behold, I heard a terrible cracking sound, followed by what sounded like plastic inside the gun. So I opened it up, and found the orange thing that goes behind the plunger head smashed to oblivion. I have tried washers, but on the count of the spring making direct contact, It just blows apart when I try to cock it.
Any cheap fixes for this? I don't wanna buy another crappy weak stock plunger head thing for it, so I'd prefer the hardware store alternate.