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Magstrike Or Rapid Fire 20

11 May 2009 - 06:28 PM

The Magstrike and RF20 are both seemingly good blasters and I want to buy one of them, they seem to be well worth it, both of them, but I can't buy both. I know the Magstrike is much cheaper but the RF20 holds/fires more darts in one round. I just want to know NIC's general opinion before I spend my money.


Edit: Ranges? Accuracy?

Close Combat Rifle (recon)

19 April 2009 - 06:26 PM

Posted Image

This is a mod that i am still in the process of doing, but you can start this as it goes along

Just so you know what you are getting into, the gun has 100 ft angled and flat is 60 at the current stage, it is also way more accurate/powerful than recon by itself but is not perfectly accurate.


1 ft of 1 mm thick copper/brass tubing (1 6/10 cm in diameter)
A nf spring
part of the nf plunger tube (one inch in diameter)
Some sort of handle for making cocking the gun easier (optional and for looks, i used a spray gun handle)
a sharpie highlighter
hockey grip tape (stuff u use for lax sticks and hockey get it at models)
2 standard recon clips
Hot glue
A marker
The barrel extension/stock (comes with recon)
A saw]
Xacto knife
Philips screw driver


Part 1

1)Take the copper tubing first and push it down the recon barrel extension (connected to the gun), it should be a little loose and when u push it far enough, the cocking handle goes back a little. Take the marker and mark off where a little of the copper sticks out so that the tube in farthest down without pushing the cocking handle back at all.
2)At this point we need to eliminate the barrel being loose so wrap grip tape around the tube up to the place where you marked it.
3)When you push the tube back in, it should be a lot harder to do that the first time and make sure that the short bare part of copper is sticking out at the end;

Posted Image

4)Test fire it to make sure it works correctly (dart comes out)

Part 2

1)(LOOK AT THE PICTURE BEFORE YOU DO THIS) Saw the end off of the black part that holds the plunger (the red line).

Posted Image

2)Saw 12/16 of the orange nf plunger tube off and tape them together (use whatever the heck you want but I used that grip tape because it was on hand, but e tape is probably better)
3)Saw about a centimeter and a half off the bottom of the sharpie highlighter and hot glue it to the stock as in the picture
4)Push the nf spring onto it and hot glue that on;

Posted Image

5)push the shock onto the gun and try cocking (should be harder and shouldn't get stuck)

Posted Image
(the spring goes into the gun and when the gun cocks, the spring is compressed against the orange plunger until the trigger is pulled)

Part 3 (TOTALLY OPTIONAL but helps to cock)

Posted Image

1)I grip taped the cocking handle
2)I used a spray bottle handle; nail a hole into it, and take a screw and screw it in
3)Make a hole in the cocking handle and screw the same screw you used for your handle and screw it in part a way
4)The screw was NOT short enough to not scratch the plastic when you move the handle so you have to use the xacto knife and cut a groove into the plastic for the tip of the screw

Part 4

This is also optional

1) I haven't done this yet but follow the double clip mod (on fallenangel's mod list somewhere)

Any suggestions would be helpful as to what i should do internally. (I want to allow the clip to remain functional and am thinking about taking out the ars.

Thank You