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Who's still around from 2008/2009

23 November 2015 - 12:41 PM

I havent been around in a while, anyone from then still here?

Zombies In The South

23 September 2009 - 01:05 PM

Ok, this OCTOBER there's going to be a zombie night to end the ages.

Date: I'm going to need suggestions. I want as many people as possible. Pick a Saturday in October you are most likely to come. Only bad one is the 10th

Time, probably from 5 to 10. Trying to be in the dark here.

Address will be revealed when date gets closer, Its in the vicinity of Huntsville Alabama.

Games: We'll play a little deathmatch for the fun of it. Then, traditional HVZ, then some CTF HVZ. Will require a group of people to reach a point, then return with the flag. and L4D style HVZ. There will be a set of rules and course set up for this game. We'll run as many teams of 4 as possible, and there may be a prize for the team that makes it farthest. And there WILL be special infected.

Setting: Dark suburbs. Long narrow streets, only parts are visable with street lights. Many shadows.

I'll say it will be amazing fun. Traditional HVZ in afternon is amazing. Playing CTF with HVZ in the dark should be more fun than anything any of the guys down here have ever done.

Some guidelines

-This is MY house and my neighborhood. Please respect the property to some degree. Don't worry about dropping a few zombies in the yard.

-No specific guns are banned. Unless you bring a potato cannon, banned. I'll test the guns, or you can while I watch. I understand possession issues.

-Bring a little money. Like $5 or $10. I spend WAY too much money on food and drinks, a little help would be appreciated. I provide supper BTW.

-Bring AS MANY stock darts AS POSSIBLE! We do not descriminate any dart we can shoot. Some people (just because of many people maybe having stock weapons) may need stock darts. It would just be a help.

-If your stuff looks stock (ESPECAILLY CLIPS) put your name on it some how. A logo, a scratch, female genatalia, I DONT CARE. when its dark and late, amking sure you get YOUR stuff can be an issue.

I'll update as stuff comes in, but let me know if you will try and attend, and what date you would preferr. I'm kinda shooting for Halloween.

Sofa-cool Down...

30 July 2009 - 07:14 PM

Ok, here it is.

Date: August 8th (Saturday)

time: 1:00pm to 9:00pm

Where: 186, Timber Oak Rd. Huntsville, AL


*Banned Weapons:
-Singled Titans (plugged)
-Any other gun deemed too dangerous for play

*Down here in the SouthEast, we tend to be VERY lenient on guns. We usually allow pretty potent weapons on the field, but if you decide to bring a nerf howitzer, we'll have to ask you to put it away. If you aren't sure, bring a backup weapon.

What to bring:
-First and foremost: A good attitude. No douchebaggery allowed.
-At least one primary and one sidearm.
-A spring-powered pistol.
-Ammo. You will probably need 150+ darts. We will be dart sweeps throughout the day but you should still have enough ammo to last.
- $10!!!!!! I am buying drinks AND everyones supper! give me a little credit here!!!!

PLEASE try and keep how many friends you bring to a minimum. We play on a smaller feild (my house, but its a large area, ask AssassinNF or Russ T. Bullet) I feed everyone.

Keep your range weapons to a minimum. You won't need them. Most you need it about 95' for the first long part of the day. Ask questions, I'll answer.

Games: ZOMBIES, CTF, Team death match, etc.

Blood And Bandages

28 May 2009 - 01:08 AM

Ok, so recently I've been seeing threads about a new shotgun, a grenade, or some ribbon holding together darts in order to make a spread. So, I feel if we're going to keep having people try this, some people may as well do some work to improve the system.

Ok, we start simple


Posted Image

Posted Image

Goal: To create a shelled shotgun that was WAR SENSIBLE.
I had seen some people have shotguns that took copious amounts of time to reload after a single shot. Not only that, but only would shoot about 3 to 4 darts at a time. This was more of a test than a gun, just improving for the next model.

So here's where the good part comes in about the thing.

Posted Image

That's a shell. It has a diameter of 1 1/4" and a height of 3 1/2"
This thing can take six darts at a time (2 in each barrel) and easily fit in your pocket.


Posted Image

Putting one in is easy to do while running because they aren't heavy, but not as small as those little darts that you can run and load in a traditional nerf shot gun, one by one.

Posted Image

THEN!!!!!! *cue evil laughter*
The shells are in-expensive to make. And are made in bulk.

Posted Image

Downsides to the MK. I: It was poorly and quickly made. It has leaks, the paint is warped, the epoxy looks like shit.
And you would have to load the shells you would want to use before the round.

After deciding the concept was good, and that I liked it (pwned at wars), I decided to move forwards.


Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image\

Mission: To Make a FUNCTIONING and ASCETICALLY PLEASING weapon. That could accept the shotgun system.

I have yet to see if I fixed the leaks, but it is working better than the last one did when I first started making it!

And, for the New shotgun (which is indeed named "Blood and Bandages"), a new shell design

Posted Image

Now, to try this at the HvZ matches....


I don't expect there to be many questions, it's very straight forwards.

Comments or flames?

The Guardian

02 May 2009 - 12:00 AM

Ok, this gun was completely based for our night Capture the Flag rounds.

The light helps see people in all the vegetation, but the 3k lets you keep your distance.

Posted Image


3/8" vinyl tubing
LED flashlight
recon shell
A 1/2" pvc coupler

Ok, I had a painted shell from a broken Recon. I felt it should be used.

Posted Image


First dremmel out extra pieces near the front and trigger.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image


Cut the front to a right angle.

Posted Image

This will leave you a hole for your tank later

Posted Image


Pour hot glue out into this spot as a filler. It will put the tank up a little bit.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Your tank should fit like so,

Posted Image


Find where the nipple hits the other part of th shell.

Posted Image

and make a little dremmel hole

Posted Image

Then enlarge it.

Posted Image

Posted Image