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The Majority Hammer

16 February 2009 - 01:44 AM

I have looked through some threads recently and I have found that there are many noobs posting pointless questions and other crap. Worse, members are resorting to flaming, when an admin could easily be notified. Admins must have other things to do besides go around the forums and swing the ban hammer. The solution, give everyone a less powerful hammer.

I'm thinking of a set up similar to the comment rating system on Youtube. It's simple, if someone posts something that shouldn't have been posted, rate the member down. If the member gets to many down ratings in a set period of time, they're suspended. The down ratings could clear out them selves out at certain points to prevent someone getting suspended for some less noobish acts over long periods of time, or because of necro-posters that have figured the system out.
What do you think?


04 January 2009 - 12:31 AM

While trying to integrate a Mega Missile that I had added a magstrike pump to and couplered into a Night finder, I messed up. My NF had a FF turret so I started to think up ways to keep the range of mega missile and the ROF of the FF turret. I got to work.
1. Mega Missile
2. Cpvc
3. A coupler
4. A magstrike pump
5. Hot glue
The steps
1.I added a magstrike pump and a coupler so you might want to do that, don't ask me how use the search.
2.Cut a 1.5 inch piece of cpvc and put it into the coupler, then cut a 3 inch piece of cpvc
3.Drill a hole into the bottom of the FF turret in the center the same size as the outer diameter of cpvc.
4.Put the 3 inch piece of the cpvc into the FF turret and glue the 3 incher onto the part of the tank connected to the pump, make sure the cpvc keeps the turret straight and aligned I glued it here:
Posted Image
5.Cut the trigger down and glue it onto the firing pin as shown below
Posted Image
6.Shoot some one
Final product
Posted Image
The barrel stub acts as an adapter from coupler to turret, to use a longer barrel for better ranges just swap out barrels.
Posted Image
barrel stub attachment
Posted Image
Full 10 incher
Posted Image
A close up of the turret mode
With the turret it gets about 80ft, with the 10 incher it gats around 100ft
I apologize for the blurry pics, camera was acting weird.
Any comments are welcome, positive or negative ( I'm going to regret saying that aren't I)

At3k Mod

20 December 2008 - 09:23 PM

Recently I bought a At3K Twin pack. I Singled one and the other one had around 4 stripped screws. I decided to try to open it up in the fun way. While hack sawing the shell open, I accidentally punctured a vinyl tube. After salvaging the internals, I needed a shell to put it all in. I got to work.
AT3k Internals
A red light accessory from a recon
Hot glue
CPVC Barrel
First, cut of the goo gauge, the tubing connecting the gauge to the tank, the plastic counected to the bottem of the tank, and all of the firing pin behind the black nub. You should end up with this.
Posted Image
Next, connect the tubing from the pump to the tank. Seal it up with hot glue.
Posted Image
Third, take the useless red light included with the recon and remove the guts. Then cut out all that I did
Posted Image
There is some plastic cut out to make room for the hose
Posted Image
you might have to cut and/or sand some other parts to get it all in.
Fourth, fit the internal in like this
Posted Image
Fifth close it all up. It wont quite fit, so use every screw to hold it in.
Sixth glue the top of the pump to the bottom of the shell. USE A LOT OF GLUE.
Lastly i cut a piece of plastic and bent it until it would stop the pump from coming out if glued to the bottom.
Final product
Posted Image

Turreted Nightfinder

28 October 2008 - 06:49 PM

First off I would like to thank the admin that validated my account! As my first post i will show you my turreted NF
Posted Image
with turret
Posted Image
With out turret
Posted Image
A shot of the dart holders i put in the handle
It's all really self explanatory. I just cut of the "laser" and hot glued a length of cpvc to where it used to be.
I cut a hole into the center of the turret to fit the cpvc and slapped it on. For the dart holders i hollowed out the battery compartment and cut a hole the battery cover. Then all i did was hot glued the dart holder into the hole
It gets ranges around 40 ft