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09 May 2008 - 12:56 AM

Ah, summer's here in sunny Florida (we have no spring) and I feel I've cultivated enough local interest to host a war:

FNO - Florida Nerf Outing

Posted Image
Myself + 4
Where: Santa Fe Community College, Gainesville, FL
When: Sunday, June 15th. Games start around 10am.
What to Bring:
1) YOUR Guns - see below
2) YOUR Darts
3) Lots of fluids. The almanac has an average temperature for June 15th of 91 degrees.
4) Lunch if you want. There are multiple fast food joints (McD's, Wendy's, etc...) and a Publix (nice deli) located very close to the site.
5) Eye Protection (Mandatory) Sunglasses will suffice.
6) Your "A" Game

We have 5 definite local attendees counting myself, but there's a good chance I'll have more by the time this thing goes off. We will be playing in a huge outdoor raquetball court near the school's teaching zoo. The court has a long hallway that connects to 6 large, empty courts via half doors. At the far end is a staircase leading to an observation deck which overlooks all 6 courts. Hypothetically, one could shoot down into any of the rooms from this deck. The whole thing is surrounded by grass and trees.

The nature of the site should lend to some interesting gameplay especially during CTF or attack/defend type scenarios. As far as weapons go, the structure itself is pretty confined while the area surrounding it is quite open, promoting the use of both short-ranged rapid fire guns and long-ranged single shot guns.

Singled Titans will not be allowed and very strong guns will be checked before permitted. We're going to have a fair amount of stock and slightly modded guns on the field because alot of the locals are new to Nerf and don't have uber-modded death-bows yet. Honestly though, on this field anyone with skill could do fine with a couple well modded Nitefinders. Winning a game on here will depend more on tactics and teamwork than how far your gun can shoot.

I know that most of the NIC is either in california or the Northeast, both of which are anything but close to Florida, but I'm hoping some of the southeast nerfers can make it out! I'll update this page as needed. Enjoy the following field pics:
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Telescoping Breech

20 March 2008 - 10:41 PM

When I first saw the Recon I saw a gun with alot of possibilities. I feel like most people gave up on it, I didn't... Now there have been a couple new breeches for the Recon, but none of them satisfied me...

So I made my own.

Posted Image

I call it the Telescoping Breech because of the way it works. It consists of 3 parts:
9/16" guide tube
17/32" breech
1/2" actuator

A 9/16" brass guide tube is glued to the inside of the the existing Recon "barrel".

Within the guide tube is a free-moving peice of 17/32" brass that has the breech cut into it to allow a dart to enter. This peice of brass also serves as the new effective barrel for the gun.

Lastly, a small length of 1/2" brass is secured to the inside of the stock breech (the part that moves when you move the slide). This small section of brass along with the stock breech acts upon the 17/32" brass to open and close the breech. When closing the slide, the 1/2" brass also pushes the dart forward of the breech and into the barrel.

Yes, yes fancy jargon I know, but these terms will soon make sense to you. Keep in mind this is NOT a write-up! I'll make one if there's demand for it. The intention of this topic is to explain how this nice little breech of mine works with the Recon. Read on...

Like all breeches, this one starts closed:
Posted Image

As the slide is pulled back, a lip on the edge of the 1/2" actuator engages the 17/32" breech:
Posted Image

The 1/2" brass pulls the 17/32" brass which moves freely within the 9/16" guide tube:
Posted Image

The breech is fully open:
Posted Image

At this point, a dart will enter from the clip. The nature of this breech requires you to modify the clips the same way you would need to modify them to work with the Angel breech.

For the purpose of explaining the concepts behind the telescoping breech, I carefully placed a dart in the breech:
Posted Image

As the slide is moved forward, the dart travels with the breech into the 9/16" guide tube:
Posted Image

A very small lip on the back edge of the breech tube catches the guide tube and allows the 1/2" actuator to then slide into the 17/32" breech, pushing the dart forward of the breech and further into the barrel section:
Posted Image

The lip holds the 17/32" until the front of the plastic stock breech hits it and pushes it the rest of the way into the guide tube, finishing the cycle. To make these small lips I simply SLIGHTLY flared out the openings of the various tubes. What this does is provide slight resistance but not so much that the pieces cannot slide within one another. This is essential because without any friction, the pieces would not move each other at all.

Well that's the telescoping breech for you! 3 pieces of brass that move inside one another to create a functional, airtight breech!

Since I'm sure you will all demand "Ranges?" I can tell you that I haven't measured them with a tape measure and I probably never will, but it definitely hits harder and is more accurate than the stock breech. There are a few bugs though... The thing has shredded/mis-chambered a few darts. I still need to work this out however I think it's more a problem with my clip rather than with the breech.

This is my first posted creation since becoming a member of the 'haven, and I hope it was clear enough for everyone to understand. Alot of thought and trial and error went into creating this breech for the Recon, and I'm hoping that it may be useful for this as well as any other breeched blasters Hasbro may release in the future.

Flames? Comments? Maybe - dare I say - props?

Clan Directory

04 April 2006 - 11:35 AM

Alright, so I was perusing the net the other day looking for a clan website I made about 5 years ago when I found this neat little site. Clan Directory Its really old and probably most of those clans don't exist anymore but it gave me an idea. Let's start a clan directory on NerfHaven! So, If you're in a clan post it up. Things like clan name, number of members, location, and contact info should be put up, kinda like on the website. This directory would help with war planning and aid in communication between clans.
Alright, get posting!

As suggested, here is a list of clans posted as of April 12, 2006.
In no particular order....

KAF (Kickass Assult Force)
Location: Midwest Michigan
Members: 4
NIC Rep: General Primevil

Location: Westchester, NY
Members: 26
NIC Rep: z80

Black Knights
Location: Glendora, CA
Members: 15
NIC Rep: Falcon

Ghost Recon Nerf
Location: Syracuse, NY
Members: 5
NIC Rep: Maverick Master

DNS (Dead Nerfer's Society)
Location: New York, NY
Members: 4
NIC Rep: crackshot

Wick's "Legion of Nerfers"
Location: Rochester, NY
Members: 7
NIC Rep: Wick817

Location: North Georgia
Members: +7
NIC Rep: Agent X10

CFM (Canadian Foam Militia)
Location: Mississauga, Toronto
Members: 5
NIC Rep: Black Wrath

Team Stealth
Location: New Jersey
Members: 3
NIC Rep: lilsniper

Demons of Razgriz
Location: TBA
Members: 4
NIC Rep: AssassinNF

Location: TBA
Members: 3
NIC Rep: NerfMonkey

Greek Assassin's Clan
Location: Queens, NY
Members: 6
NIC Rep: Greek Assassin

Merry Mafia
Location: Duluth, MN
Members: 5
NIC Rep: LordoftheRing434

Lutinet Cole's Clan
Location: Las Cruces (Down south...?)
Members: 7
NIC Rep: He was banned but he's on NerfHQ as General Cole. He can spell General.

Ridgewood Militia (A.K.A. Crescent Forest Militia)
Location: Ridgewood, NJ
Members: 10
NIC Rep: Duxburian

Team Chicago
Location: ...Chicago
Members: 16
NIC Rep: Murakumo32

Jabs' Clan
Location: New Haven, CT
Members: 15
NIC Rep: Jabs

Unreliable (formerly Creatures of Nerf)
Location: Kansas
Members: 6
NIC Rep: Spaztic_75

The Nerfing Ninjas of Doom
Location: TBA
Members: 3
NIC Rep: nerfgunner

N.A.R.F. (Nerfing Alliance of Radical Foam)
Location: Corona, CA
Members: 14
NIC Rep: baghead

If I missed anyone or misspelled/Butchered anyone's name or information, please let me know. PM me about it. In the meantime keep 'em coming!

Fl Nerfers; Line Up!

06 March 2006 - 02:20 PM

Ok before anyone yells a me for making another Florida nerf topic, I'm letting ya know I did my searchin and the last post regarding Nerf in Florida was Jan 3, 2006 and nothing ever came out of that topic.

Yes, I did check the Frappr. There are 5 of us on the Frappr. I'm listed as Busch.

Like I said, I've done some digging about the FL nerf scene and I would like to call someone to the platform so to speak...
Streetz, man where you at? I saw that you had a few topics regarding a spring '05 FNO. Did it ever happen, if so what was your turnout? So far you're the only person who's attempted to get the Florida crowd together.

According to my research, there should be at least 10 people on NerfHaven alone who are from Florida or are close enough to Florida to be interested in a Florida war. So... I'm callin out yall's forum names. ROLL CALL! A simple "here" will suffice.

Crappy Nerfer
Phsyco clown
Puddle of Foam

Holla back alright? I realize some of these members may have gone inactive. With this many people on NH alone we could have enough people to organize something. I live in Gainesville, home of the Gators. It's northern central Florida. People in extreme southern Georgia may want to check this out too.

Sealed Air Release Valves

25 February 2006 - 09:14 AM

I have a brass modded Splitfire and I love it because of its range and 2 shot capacity however I've got a leakage problem in one or possibly both of the tanks. This slow leak causes all the pressure in the tanks to be drained over a 2 minute period. When I brassed it I also sealed the pressure release valve on the pump handle and when I used to use it, I would pump it 3 times max.

Did I blow it by pumping it too much? After sealing the air release valve, how do you figure the max number of pumps a gun can handle?

Oh and any ideas on what can be done to fix the Splitfire?