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Bfny 5

06 December 2010 - 09:21 PM

Another winter break, another battle for New York.

Date: January Eighth. Starting at 10:00, ends whenever we get bored (approximately 4-5)

Location: Saxon Woods, Mamaroneck, NY. About a half an hour outside the city. Here is the google maps location.

What to know: The actual field is about a mile or so from the parking lot. So expect to walk with your stuff a fair distance to the field and not to be able to run back to your car on a moments notice. For lunch, I would recommend you guys to bring it to the field, so we can take a lunch break there. Also bring plenty of water, as theres no source to drink from if you need it.
In terms of actual nerfing, we're going to do whatever we want each round. Obviously things like 3:15, gunslinger and CTF will be played. Also local classics like Outpost and ride the bull. Bring at least a primary and a pistol. In terms of bans, anything we deem too powerful will be banned. SO if you think it might be banned, it probably will. Also, even if we approve it and you start shooting people real close like a moron, we'll prevent you from using it the rest of the time.

And above all else.
Don't be a DickButt.

z80+5? 6? 13? really depends on the fickleness of my friends.

Bustadart + 5

Battle For New York 4

01 December 2009 - 11:24 PM

Where: Saxon Woods, Mamaroneck, NY. Here are the directions.
When: January 2nd, 10 oclock till 4 or so.
What: Nerf war of course! Standard team deathmatch 3:15, Gunslinger haven, Outpost, maybe some CTF.
Some things to know-
Bring good shoes. The area has lots of rocks, logs, etc. Have good ankle support.
Bring lunch. Its annoying to get food because of the walk to the field. Also water, as we wont be able to really leave till after the war, and there are no bathrooms/water fountains etc.
Also pack light. The field is a decent distance from the parking lot.
I'm going to get people from my group to come, as most people are back from college. So just post if you're gonna come.
z80+6-8 people or so.
Jatdo+maybe 1 other.

White Moonlight

Battle For New York Iii

16 March 2009 - 03:36 PM

Battle for New York III: The revenge of the Bees
When: Saturday April 11th, 10:00
Where: Saxon Woods Park. Great location, tons of cover, cool terrain, lots of veriaty and easy access from highways. Google Maps
In terms of rules, their are the basic restriction of singled titans and excessive homemades. We'll be the judge.

Planned games:
3-15 (classic)
Gunslinger's Heaven
Outpost (our standard at that feild, its perfect for the location)

Bring lots of water, lunch, bugspray, nerfguns (pistol for gunslinger, and a pistol or stock gun for zombies), LOTS of darts (you'll lose a lot at this feild) and remamber to pack light, theres a decent walk to the feild.

I will hopefully be able to get a fair amount of people from my own group to come, which should make for a great war.


12 May 2007 - 07:25 AM

Anybody else here play magic? Alot of my friends play magic (and nerf.) We got back into it a couple months ago, but some of use have been playing for awhile. I've been playing since onslaught.

New Gun!

29 December 2006 - 03:00 PM

Here are the pics.
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Posted Image
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Posted Image
Reveiw Later. Shoots like 15 feet, max.