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New Youtube Channel For Gamers - Please Subscribe

10 February 2010 - 08:13 PM

Please guys I would like your help on this one. I just started a new channel and I would like subscribers to get this off the ground, though these aren't nerf videos. I know there are many gamers out there in the nerf community. All of my videos will be commentaries of video games I really would like your help to get this of the ground so please tell your friends about my channel and subscribe.



27 October 2009 - 09:52 PM

Where: Mountain Hawk Park
When: dec 12 2009, be there at 10, war starts at 10.
What to bring: Safety glasses, if you don't bring some you can't play or you could buy some from me. Primaries, spring pistols, secondaries. Water and a lunch. A good attitude, not too much cussing, and definitely don't bring any darts you don't want to get lost.
Banned guns: Singled titans, plugged big blasts, powerful guns that make someone bleed.

The park is a flat ground, with benches and trash cans(for our food bags), and water fountains(don't rely on them, you don't want to get shot in the head while taking a drink). We will play a variety of games, such as, Humans V. Zombies, Capture the Flag, Escort, etc. I have a lot on my plate right now (contract, school, this war, alot), so don't expect me to reply to anything and everything lightning quick. Me and Jessie have come up with a little thing that we will have, a miniature swap meet, set up at the tables. This will go on for about an hour.

The park's address: 1475 Lake Crest Drive, Chula Vista, CA 91915
The park in street view on google maps:
EDIT: I tried to put in a link but I can't get the internet explorer to except it, just use google maps and search the address above.

If you have any questions contact me or jessie on nerf revolution.

Yes: Sqeaver

Maybe: Skorpion072

Double Shot Mod

03 July 2009 - 10:24 PM

Alright so I dont like the ds when it uses those pesky shells so you know right now go into your garage and throw them all away right now heh thats you too :P . okay now to the mod. Oh and I forgot to tell yu this mod is very simple.

barrels type of your choice
dremel/copy saw/saw

okay now to the mod first open the ds

next take all the crap out except this stuff
Posted Image
basically trigger, plunger assembly, catch, and string
next take your plunger assembly thingy and cut off all the vinal crap then cut the nub off the plunger tubes.
then just to make sure to get the barrels strait I put hot glue in the indent thingy like so fill it up to the hole.
Posted Image
then just glue the barrels on the length of your dart like so
Posted Image
Posted Image
i hot glued then epoxy glued it on then they weren't strait so I put epoxy putty in bewteen the barrels when they were in a clamp like so
Posted Image
Posted Image
then I put a pvc stock and foregrip
Posted Image
sorry for the camera strap
Posted Image
yeah I use it sideways at waist height
general interanl pics

Posted Image

Posted Image
Posted Image
ranges are high 70 low 80 and streamlines hit like 90.
need any more pics or videos just ask.


Nerf Grenade

28 June 2009 - 05:20 PM

Well I found this at safeway. Its not just a party popper its a super party popper
Posted Image
there pretty simple almost exactly the same as party poppers but a little diffrent becasue the catch is inside.
Posted Image
it has an excellent spread of around 5-7 darts but the one problem is I cant get it to go off on contact.

I can post a vid and more pics upon request.

EDIT; can anyone figure out how to make it go off on contact

edit 2; made this becasue it does need its own thread for discussion.


05 June 2009 - 02:39 PM

I am now going to show you how to cpvc your wildfire. I am doing this because I have never seen this before.

So onto the mod first open her up. No pick of that sorry. oh and dont mind the picture dates they are way off.

then set the rest of the gun aside except for the turret this is where the whole mod takes place.

fisrt take out these five screws

Posted Image

then throw this whole part of the turret away

Posted Image
Posted Image

but make sure to keep this part

Posted Image

Posted Image
then simply glue pieces of 2.5 inch cpvc to each of the risen nub holes.

Posted Image

like this

Posted Image

then do that 20 times till you have a perfect turret for more stability put hot glue here

Posted Image

here is what it should look like.

Posted Image