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05 August 2011 - 01:04 PM

Apoc is tomorrow! The round schedule, so far, looks like this:

Round --- Round Type --- Fields
1 --- DM / 4-Team DM --- Undiscovered Country / Grove
2 --- DM / Objective --- Forrest / New Hope
3 --- Full Roster DM --- Grove
4 --- DM / Objective / GSH --- Forrest / New Hope / Grove
5 --- 4-Team DM / Objective / GSH --- Grove / New Hope / Forrest
6 --- DM / Objective --- Forrest / New Hope
7 --- DM / 4-Team DM --- Undiscovered Country / Grove
8 --- Full Roster DM --- Grove
9 --- DM / GSH --- Grove / Forrest

You are probably wondering, what do those field names mean to you?

Posted Image

The parking lot is at the top. We will be leaving all our equipment in a clearing in the northeast corner of Resurrection Forest (the red area). You don't need to memorize this map, as we will have a person grabbing the teams and taking them to the appropriate field for each and every round. Try to get to the meeting spot between 9:30 and 10:00.

Any questions are welcome here, IF you are attending tomorrow. If you're not, I don't want to hear from you.

Apoc Round Schedule and Sign Up

12 July 2011 - 09:41 AM

Apoc is now on the clock. Following is our Tentative Round Schedule for the day.

In case anyone does not know, Apoc is held at the Deal Test Site, aka Joe Palaia Park.

Google Address: Here

There is a parking lot just off whalepond road on the unmarked street just south of Shadow Lawn Dr. After you park, if you follow that unmarked road west you will come to a spot where paths converge forming a triangle (you can see this on the map). Base Camp will be tucked off the southwest corner of that triangle. You'll see people. This is where it has been for the past several years, for anyone who's been there.

Start time will be 10:00. And by that I mean we're making teams and nerfing at 10:00 sharp. Plan to get there closer to 9:30 if possible.

While we're covering our bases, gun restrictions will be standard east coast rules:

- No Titans or Titan Tanks. No discussion
- No shit cannons
- No homemade airguns
- Any blaster designed to fire projectiles larger than a mega dart MUST have an in tact and stock level OPRV. We're test any questionable blasters by having talio pump them until the valve activates of the gun is broken.
- The only shields allowed will be the mantaray shell fully intact (it can be modded).
- Trying to find loopholes will get you ejected

What else, oh, all play periods will be 30 minutes in duration, with an additional 5 minute sudden death if neccessary. That means that after 30 minutes, anyone still alive has 1 hitpoint left. After the 5 minute sudden death, results are final and we move on. Running and hiding will not be a productive or plausable plan of action.

Multiple rounds will be played at a time, and we are not stopping for lunch at all. You can sit out any round you like, and that's what you'll have to do when you want to eat.

Ok, the tentative schedule:

Round / Time / Round Types
1 / 10:15 - 10:50 / Deathmatch - 4 Team Deathmatch
2 / 11:05 - 11:40 / Deathmatch - Objective
3 / 11:55 - 12:30 / Full Roster Deathmatch
4 / 12:45 - 1:20 / Deathmatch - Objective - Pistols/GSH
5 / 1:35 - 2:10 / 4 Team Deathmatch - Objectives - Pistols/GSH/Deathmatch
6 / 2:25 - 3:00 / Deathmatch - Objective - Deathmatch B
7 / 3:15 - 3:50 / Deathmatch - 4 Team Deathmatch (Clan Round)
8 / 4:05 - 4:40 / Full Roster Deathmatch
9 / 4:55 - 5:30 / Deathmatch - Pistols/GSH

If you are planning on attending (DO NOT POST IF YOU ARE NOT COMING OR ARE A LONG SHOT) please reply with a 1 - 9 selection of what you'd like to be doing come august 6th. If you want to sit out a round, eat lunch, or plan on being late, don't fill out that round. Please use the following example as a standard format:

1 - Deathmatch
2 - U3 Objective
3 - Full Roster Deathmatch
4 -
5 - Pistols
.......and so on

Consider this the attendance thread. We're just collecting extra data so that we can alter and better tailor the schedule to everyone's preferences. This thread will be updated, so keep an eye out.

Apoc 2011 Game Types

23 June 2011 - 12:40 PM

People are, apparantly, getting really antsy for Apoc news, and I can't completely blame them. The one thing that I'm not all that interested in doing is starting an attendance thread. Who cares? Apoc will be large, that much is certain. Do you need to know how many other people will be coming in order to decide if you want to? I have something more constructive in mind, but that'll have to wait.

For now, I'd like to discuss the round types we'll be playing at Apoc. The following are a certainty:

- 2 Team Death Match - It's nerf. If you don't like it, you're almost certainly doing it wrong.
- 4 Team Death Match - This has been awful at past apocs because people seem to think everything is better with more nerfers. No; wrong. We'll keep this manageable and it'll kick ass.
- Gunsliner Heaven - Ok, this is pretty much better with as many people as we can get on the right field. It's generally the only pistol round, so take advantage.
- RyanMcNumbers/Kanethemediocre Spectacular - I've gone ahead and asked these two to put together an objective game or two to provide an alternative for those sick of....shooting each other I guess. Should be awesome. They'll have to explain it further.

These are the round types that I KNOW will work with a massive amount of people who won't want to listen to rules. We will be running different rounds on different fields simultaniously, and according to a schedule.

If anyone has questions regarding these, feel free to speak up. I'd also welcome any suggestions from people who've attended past apocs. Just keep in mind that a) I was not the host for previous years, and I do things differently, and b) I may not reply to every suggestion.

Apoc 2011 Dart Restrictions

26 May 2011 - 03:38 PM

It seems like there's been consternation in some circles concerning the dart restriction comment I made on the Apoc date thread. This is a big part of your war preparation, so I completely understand the concern. There are only two qualifications that darts MUST meet in order to be used at apoc:

1 - Total Dart weight (the weight of a completed dart) must be equal to or less than 1.0g

2 - The tip of each dart must be completely covered with padding

For clarification, acceptible padding would include felt pads, and 3mm thick adhesive backed craft foam. There are a lot of alternative dart materials popping up, so if you would like to pad your darts using something else, this is the place to suggest it. Know, though, that if I don't give you the ok, you won't be able to use them at apoc. Anyone attempting to side step or subvert these rules, or just making dangerous darst, will be told to get the fuck out.

Oh, and I'll allow completely stock darts. You will, however, be mocked for using them.

Apocalypse 2011

04 May 2011 - 01:19 PM

Planning for Apoc '11 has officially begun. First thing's first, foget what you know. Apoc is under new management this year, and lotsa' things are gonna change. But we'll get to that in a moment. Before we go any further, we need to select a date.

Apoc will be on August 6th

Now, I want to provide a little more information concerning the event for everyone to digest, but please, only respond regarding the dates.

If poppularity is any indication, this is the premier nerf even in the country every year, and this time around we want it to live up to all of it's promise. In order to ensure that we can pull this off, there will be minor and wholesale changes alike. A sample of what's coming this year:

- A firm round schedule and advanced sign up sheets to ensure everyone gets to enjoy every round and field we have to offer.
- In between round nerf activities to keep those of us who are either out or skiped a round plenty to do.
- More game types then any previous Apoc, run by people who've designed and/or perfected them.
- More rounds, period. Less Down time is a guarantee.
- Advanced details to better prepare you for foamy combat.

Unfortunately, there will also be a few more restrictions. We recently, for the first time, had interaction with the authorities at the park where apoc is held. In order to guarantee that such a large war is not interupted we're going to need a proper permit. In order to ensure that we recieve the permit and cover our own asses, the following restrictions will apply (we will clarify them at a later date):

- Age: As of now, no participants under 13 will be allowed. The age limit could be raised if we feel it's neccessary.
- Ammunition: No more .30 slingshot weights, that's for fucking sure. As of now I'm anticipating slug darts or anything fitting a predetermined set of chriteria will be mandated (soft tip, with a total weight of 1.1g or less is a possibility). Stock darts will likely be allowed regardles.

All of this is subject to change. I just wanted to be forthcoming up front with all the pertinant info I have.

~Nerf on or Fuck Off~