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Future War Possibility

28 April 2007 - 05:15 PM

Hey, this is TCIND, the Vice President of the Edinboro Nerf Club.

Well, the Edinboro Nerf Club started real small with just a few of us, but recently the membership has just been EXPLODING, with 2-5 new people every match. We now must have at least 35 members (this is a very conservative estimate), and so are thinking about having a large-scale nerf war.

If we find a good place to host it (we have a nice location, but it's suited to 10-18 players, not 40) would anyone be interested in coming? We're located in Edinboro Pennsylvania, but may host it in a location in Erie Pennsylvania if we can find some good areas to play.

So, does anyone live nearby or would be interested in coming? Right now i'm just looking to see if there's interest, but if a good location is found (it will be within 25-30 min of edinboro at the fartheset) we may be looking at a game for next fall, or ( EXTREMELY unlikely) this summer.

If anyone would be interested in coming, let me know. Hope to make this a reality someday.


First-ever Homemade

10 January 2007 - 10:54 PM

Hey everyone! It's TCIND... again. I've been kinda busy lately.

Ok, well, you remember how I found that blue SuperMaxx 3k? I was all excited! I was all like "Cool! A gun I didn't have to spend money on!"

Then I tried to open up the turret. That wasn't working. I asked for help, but didn't get any good answers. I gave up, and started ripping the piece off. That was going no where fast. So I decided to just cut it with the saw.

What I had NOT considered was that it had been in the freezing garage for years, and the plastic had become as dry and brittle as... something... really dry and brittle.

Long story short, it exploded on impact.

Posted Image


Well, the turret was shot STRAIGHT to hell. No chance. But the tank itself was relatively untouched, and was working fine. So I decided to try to single it.

Posted Image

This was about as far as I got. The pumping handle broke off when I first opened up the gun, and so I used PVC to make an extension. That worked... sorta. But I hated how big it was when so much was dead space. I could integrate a titan, four Nitefinders and a RF20 with room left over. C'MON!

So I tried my very first homemade to make a shell for it. This is what I have so far.

Posted Image

It's made of PVC, and cardboard. It's pretty sloppy now, and will be completed with cleaned-up PVC end caps and couplers and all that jazz.

It's the pump on the bottom... mostly unchanged. Replacing it with a bike pump is likely in the near future.

Also, the tank for the gun is pretty small. What could I use for a bigger one?

I trimmed the tube from the pump to about 2", and sealed it with copious amounts of High-temp hot glue. But the valve loses it's charge in SECONDS. About 6 seconds after a pump it wont even leave the barrel.

Some general tips would be appreciated, as I'm winging it right now. Thanks!


Behold! The Briefcase Of Death!

09 January 2007 - 04:49 PM

It's your friendly neighborhood TCIND here to post some general pictures on stuff I've been doing lately.


This was one of my Christmas presents. A bit of cutting and spatial relations and...


Posted Image


Posted Image

It holds my brassed NF, my double barreled NF, my Maverick and a Nerf Knife. I'm also making a custom shaped Dart Bag that will fit comfortably in there.



Next, I did my first new barrel mod using my CPVC. I bought a BBB, and singled it... and that's about it. It's already got one heck of a kick, and for our indoor wars, it shoots plenty hard.

Posted Image

I also made a cosmetic silencer. It doesn't do anything, but I think it looks cool.

Posted Image

And lastly, I also bought a Titan and did my first coupler mod.

Posted Image

I didn't really know what to do, so I just kinda figured it out as I went along. I think it came out really well though.

Posted Image

It has four triple-barreled shotgun attachments, with two shots in each barrel, giving a 6 shot shotgun burst. I've found that anything over ten pumps will successfully shoot all the darts out, and it gets around 40'-50' at around 30-35 pumps.

Posted Image

I haven't plugged the pressure release valve yet, as i'm hoping to replace it with a full bike pump, which I'll get soon. Aside from the barrels, I haven't really changed anything, but I'm very pleased with the results.

Posted Image

I know I haven't really done anything tremendously new, but I'm still fairly new, and this is my first pump-gun that hasn't died on me (two Magstrikes have met their demise at my hands... I'm still trying to fix them).

The only real question I have is if my CPVC barrel for the BBB is long enough. The darts seem to fishtail much more often than my other guns. The barrel is currently around 5" long. It's made of my CPVC, which is very tight on the darts. Any suggestion for what to change if necessary is appreciated.


So Many Problems...

03 January 2007 - 06:21 PM

Hey everyone. That last few days have been quite frustrating for me. I bought a bunch of stuff (springs, metal threaded rods, CPVC, and other stuff) but it seems like everything I've gotten is wrong. I've tried some mods and haven't been having luck, looked for guns in stores and failed, and found a really old gun and it's confusing the hell out of me.

Not the best of weeks. Lets start with the positives.

The Longshot's foregrip has been painted and the Tactical Light has been secured nicely so it can be disassembled. I'm really quite fond of it now.

Posted Image

Next, I made a double-barreled NiteFinder. It's pretty cool, but the ranges are somewhat disappointing, even for a first gen NF. With both shots it only gets around 30', and firing one gets around 40-45'. Aside from different barrel material, I don't really know what do do to make it better. But it's a pretty cool sidearm nonetheless.

Posted Image

Next, I need to find different springs. The ones I got were around 4", and were too big for a NF, and too small for the LS. It was also REALLY heavy gage. It has quite a kick in the LS, but It wasn't the right one for the job, so I'll look for another one.

Next again, I found THIS gun. No idea what the hell it is, the logo wore off years ago. It's chipped and broken in several places, but nothing past fixing I believe. Anyone know the name of this gun, have any links to mods, or pictures of internals?

Posted Image

And I think I messed with this, because It's not working how I think it should. It's supposed to pull the metal rod backwards, which releases the air, but i can't figure out how. Grrr.

Posted Image

I have an idea for how I could fix it, but it's DRASTIC. Like huge internal reworking drastic. But just getting a picture of the internals would really be better.

Oh, and does anyone know how to remove the turret? For the life of me, I can't figure it out. It fires Nerf Megas, so I can't test it at all until I give it a barrel replacement.

And lastly, I've been trying to give the Longshot a barrel replacement. This is my first experience with having variable length barrel material (I've only worked with roseart barrels and a fixed-length piece of brass). I got some 1/2" CPVC, which fits darts pretty darn tight.

Posted Image

I tried loading in a dart tip first, like it would be in the LS. This is as far as I can get it in without really pushing and crushing the dart. This couldn't possibly work. Is this the wrong material for a LS barrel replacement, and what should be substituted. In TIG's write-up, he used aluminum, which I haven't been able to find. I also haven't been able to find lengths of brass. Reccomendations would be appreciated.

As a note, I tried loading in darts tip first into both the RoseArt barrels and brass. Both worked much better and easier, and were able to be put in with little issue. I think the brass has too small a OD though, and it's only about 4" long anyways.

So there it is. Sorry for the very long post. Answers/ references/ advice on any of the questions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all in advance. i don't know what I'd do without you guys.


Streamline Darts Refill Packs

03 January 2007 - 01:31 AM

Hey, did you know that they sell refill packs for the LS now? At Toys R' Us, i saw a pack of 10 for $5. While that's a total ripoff, for someone who can't make stefans, it's good that you can finally get more darts.

I didn't know these were around, and hadn't heard anyone say anything about them (I seem to recall some lamenting the lack of said product being available), so if this is useful info, cool. If not, sorry to post, just let this topic die.