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1105 Rounds

18 February 2006 - 06:30 PM

Well if you've looked around these boards much, you've probably run into comments refering to the 1105 "Matchstick" round. This method of dart creation was thought of by Matchstick_Man, and he has a very nice write-up of how to create these rounds on his own site. Other than random comments, I hadn't really heard much about other people trying or using these so I decided to try for myself.

For my first attempt I followed the directions to the letter, and here was my first 1105:

Posted Image
(I dubbed it the "1105i" for Ice round so the name fit my color selection.)

My impressions of the dartsmithing process for the 1105 is that it is much more time consuming, because you have to tend to it for around 2 hours while you're doing the dipping, and then it's a 4 hour drying period. However, it is much easier than standard stefan making because there is no hole burning or hot glue involved. It's simply preparing your FBR and then dipping it into the Plastidip. Of course the question then becomes, "Are they any good?".

In my opinion, the answer is a resounding yes. For testing my new darts I grabbed one of my stock Nite Finders and took out the air restrictors. The only downside of 1105 rounds is that they're designed to be used in stock(air restrictors removed) barrels, or at the very least stock sized barrels. This makes them perfect for people that are less comfortable with modding and don't want to do the barrel replacement necessary to get the most out of stefans, because 1105's work very good in stock barrels and they're easy to make.

Of course with that it sounds like I'm saying they're a "newbie" dart. This is not the case. These darts perform with amazing accuracy and distance. I got comparable distances with my 1105i and a stefan in the same NF, so you're not sacrificing any performance with 1105 rounds over standard stefans. The other bonus is that the plastidip tips are very durable and make perfect domes(generally) if you allow the plastidip to dry without messing with it.

Overall I'd highly recommend making some 1105's for yourself. They're easy to mass produce, have great performance, and they'll last longer than stock darts or stefans.

Ok, if you survived all that talking, I'm going to get into some pictures with my "alternate assembly method." The only problem I found with my 1105 rounds was that I wasn't getting the FBR straight enough, and because the domes are so perfect along with less weight in the tip, the darts will follow the direction your darts are curved in if you don't have them very straight. I have made good batches of 1105 rounds using FBR, but I was thinking, "why not just retip stock darts?" I tried it, and it turned out perfectly. Here's a brief guide to preparing stock darts to be dipped.

First, you want to gently pull the rubber tip off the foam:
Posted Image

Then trim the rubber down so just the part that sticks into the dart is left, and push that piece back into the dart.
Posted Image
Posted Image

From there just follow Matchstick_Man's dipping instructions and you'll end up with this(this one was made from a sonic micro dart):
Posted Image
Posted Image

The advantage of converting stock darts is that they'll work in guns with the pegs still in, and also the foam is more durable/straighter.

Hopefully more people will try to make their own 1105 rounds. I think Matchstick_Man really came up with a effective dartsmithing method. Here's the original 1105 topic.

New Tech Target Is The Scout?

31 January 2006 - 02:05 AM

I was just wondering if anyone had picked up one of the new Tech Target packages yet. I saw a couple at Wal-mart and when I took a closer look they were "new" ones which boasted various improvements to the system and a new gun. I didn't get to see the gun itself because it's a closed box, but the picture on the outside looked exactly like the scout from the N-Strike Utility only with a different paint job. I'm interested to know if anyone can confirm this.

*edit* Here's a picture I snagged from the Nerf site. Looks like a scout, I'm more interested in how well does it perform?

Posted Image

An Actual "nite Finder" Mod

19 January 2006 - 10:33 AM

Ok, this is my first mod. I have to admit, I'm one of those that saw the Penny-Arcade comic which sparked my interest in modding nerf weapons. My roommate and I at college already had a set of Mavericks that we had fun with, but I'd never thought of modding past cutting the dart tag darts to fit in the maverick (they work really well in it by the way). Anyway, after reading around on the site I decided to try my hand at modding. Because it's my first mod I figured I would start with what everyone seemed to agree upon as the easiest gun to mod, the NF.

This isn't exactly a write up because there are so many NF mods that you don't need to see the same things written over again, but I'll include the information that makes this mod different.

For starters do the standard air restrictor removal, and remove all of the components of the built in light, but save the plastic tube that the light mounts to.

For the barrel you want to follow the instructions for Cxwq's telescoping brass barrel which are at the bottom of this article. The only difference is you want your largest diameter brass to be 2" long, the medium diameter is 1 1/4", and the smallest brass is 1/4" long. Epoxy all of that inside 2" of 1/2" diameter PVC. The original write up makes a 10" barrel instead of a 2" one, but the NF doesn't push enough air to effectively use a 10" barrel, I tried that first. Here's a picture of the barrel installed in the gun and a picture where you can see down the barrel a bit.

Posted Image

Posted Image

The advantage of this barrel is that it can be front loaded like the stock barrel, but it also gets a nice increase in power, and distance as well. I'll have numbers once I can find a good place to measure distances. I don't know if anyone else has tried telescoping brass on a NF before, but I hadn't seen any posts about it.

The other thing about my NF that makes it an "actual" Nite Finder is that I integrated a maglite into the actual case. I've seen other mods where people have taped the tiny maglites to the bottom of the gun, but this is an actual integration. I noticed that mini maglites run on two AA batteries, which is what the built in "laser" is powered by. This gave me the idea to take the guts of a maglite and wire it in to use the built in battery compartment. Instead of using the regular maglite bulb I used a LED replacement kit so the light would be brighter and last longer. Sadly I don't have pictures from the inside of the lighting rig(*EDIT*Here are some pictures for building the lighting rig.), but on the back of the bulb there are two little pieces of metal, which you obviously connect to the battery compartment and the switch. The important thing to note is that the light won't work unless the positive side of the power flow is connected to the correct piece of metal. They aren't labeled so you'll have to test to see which is the positive side. The positive side of the battery compartment is the one to the back of the gun, and this is also the connection you'll want to break with the switch so there won't be power in the light when you don't have it on. For a switch go to any electronics store and you should be able to buy switches, just make sure that they are On-Off(clicks on and off) switches and not momentary(you have to hold it down for the light to stay on). I chose a rocker switch for mine, but as long as you can get it to fit inside the case you can choose whatever style you want. I used epoxy to connect the top piece of a mini maglite, the clear lense, the reflector included with the LED replacement kit, and the LED bulb itself. The next step is to solder the wires onto the bulb connectors, making sure not to let any solder connect them together, I used a piece of paper to keep them separate during the soldering process. I know that sounds complicated without pictures, but if you have the things infront of you it's not hard. Next is where the mounting plastic you saved from before comes into play. You'll want to trim it down a bit so your light/lens component will fit(see next picture). Also the hole in the gun case needs to be dremeled out a bit so that the maglite piece fits. While you're at it you might want to take the time to cut a hole for your switch. Here's a picture so you can get an idea of how it's all supposed to work. I think the picture is easier to use than the words:

Posted Image

Once you have all of your parts installed and the wires soldered in, just assemble the case and you're good to go with an actual flashlight integration for your NF. If you aren't going to nerf in darker lighting conditions there's not too much use for it, but it's always fun to shine in your opponent's eyes, and it's useful for finding stephans if you haven't painted them. Plus it looks cool having a switch built into the case.

Posted Image

And tada finished mod:

Posted Image

I cut off the ammo holders but it's really not necessary for the mod. This is my first write up so if I left anything out or something is unclear I'll answer any questions. Hope you like it.

*EDIT*Linked to my other post with the extra pictures for building the lighting rig.