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The Worst Thing To Happen To Heavy Metal...

02 April 2005 - 10:14 PM

I know not too many of you on here are concerened, but I almost threw a fucking fit over here.

Apparantly Anthrax just ditched Rob Caggiano and John Bush and decided to reunite with Joey Belladonna (old lead singer) and Dan Spitz (old lead guitarist). I am really not concerned with Dan Spitz, I always like him. Joey Belladonna over John Bush, however? WHY? WHY? No words can express the torment I am going through over here. I always like Anthrax. I always loved Anthrax. I always thought their older stuff sounded weak. Why? Because Joey Belladonna is a second rate lead vocalist/songwriter. They sound about a million times better with John Bush singing for them, but they had to go and Reuinite with the original lineup... they are even considering a studio album at some point. For fuck's sake why? Scott Ian came out in several interviews and mentioned how he thought the only thing holding Anthrax back (back when they had the original lineup) was Joey Belladonna's vocals. THEY ARE FUCKING WEAK!

Anyway, I'm gonna curl up in my sock drawer and cry for days about the death of one of my favorite heavy metal bands.

Edit: Just thought I should point out that Anthrax announced this sudden change for the worse on the same day the pope died... It's a sign. The end is near.

Anyone Know Apple Well?

16 March 2005 - 03:49 PM

I was wondering if any of you out there happen to be very familiar with Apple computers and any such problems they may have.

I have an old Powerbook G3 Firewire (my GFs old computer) that has been sitting dormant for about 5 or 6 months now. I took it out to tool around with it and it will not respond no matter what I try. I've reset the powermanger, I bought a new power adaptor... the thing is dead to the world. Nothing, I mean nothing happens when I hit the power button... any ideas?

Any Anthrax Fans Out There?

07 November 2004 - 04:18 PM

For any of you Anthrax fans out there (and I doubt there are many on this message board), the band has finally taken my advice. Ok, well, maybe they didn't take my direct advice, but I sent them several emails over the past couple of years suggesting an idea for an album, and alas they have pulled through!

Name of the album: The Greater Of Two Evils
Release date: 11/23/2004
What's it about? It's the current Anthrax lineup (featuring John Bush on vocals) re-recording old classic 'thax tracks. We all know some of Anthrax's best songs came out of the 80's and early 90's when Joey Belladonna was the lead vocalist. We also all know that Joey Belladonna was unfortunately Anthrax's weakes link in those days. Well, this album features many of Anthrax's best work from that time period but with vocalist John Bush singing and of course, all the songs are completely re-recorded with the current lineup. For any fans of Anthrax, this is an exciting album. I know that I have always wanted to hear Bush singing these songs on an actual studio album since the classics sound so much better during their live concerts with the current lineup. Ok, I am done rambling now.

also, ATHF vol 3, nov 16... yay

Gwar On Jerry Springer, Dammit

19 August 2004 - 04:37 PM

The band GWAR was on an episode of Jerry Springer back in Jan 31 of 97. The name of the episode was "Shock Rock". It was hilarious and entirely entertaining. Anyway, my point...

I have been trying to track down a copy of this episode for years. I don't care if it's VHS, DVD, VCD, or a video file for a computer, but I NEED it. If anyone here can find a copy to download or know the whereabouts of a copy of this particular episode, please notify me and I will reimburse you if you can manage to get me a copy. I know this is a long shot because I doubt too many of you even know who GWAR is, but then you don't have to know them to find them on whatever media downloading software/filesharing software you use. Again, I know this is a longshot, but then so were all my other attempts. Thank you, and goodnight.

N-strike... Does Anyone Else Feel...ripped Off?

18 August 2004 - 07:29 PM

I haven't been to the site in quite some time (as I'm sure you all know since I haven't annoyed any of you for so long), so I did a search for subjects regarding the N-strike... I also searched to see if any of my 4 Horsemen comrades commented on the N-strike... and no one seemed to hit on this particular subject.

I feel sort of ripped off.

It just seems to me as if Nerf sort of watched us mod and built their guns to match our mods. Several guns all interlocking to one gun is not a new idea. Spoon had the idea first (I think) attatching a 1000 to his crossbow. This gun was non-removable but it was functional as a secondary barrel and air supply. Vacc was next with two lock n load holsters attatched to his crossbow (binky). These lock n loads were obviously removable and funtional with or without the crossbow. I was next, following close behind Vacc, with a single lock n load holster attatched to my crossbow similair to Vacc's binky except that the handle to my lock n load was perpindicular to the handle of the crossbow's rather than parrellel. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone? I'm sure there were many more, but these are the mods that I know personally.

I'm not at all bitter about this subject, I just thought it was odd that no one on these boards brought it up or gave the large "aftermarket" Nerf community any props for fueling Nerf's new gun designs. But then, maybe it's just me.

Also, I apologize if I am repeating a subject, but I didn't notice any mention of this particular subject when I searched.