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In Topic: Baff #19

29 March 2011 - 03:05 PM

Sorry guys, I'm out of town for this one also. Things had been a little crazy 'round here.

In Topic: Baff #18 Canceled Due To Bad Weather

22 March 2011 - 12:45 AM

The average walking speed is about 3mph, if you took half an hour to walk the distance is probably only around 1 mile.

Just double-checked the distance on Google Maps. It's 2 miles. On average, I can walk a mile in 15 minutes, so the half-an-hour walk time is on the mark for me. I tend to walk briskly anyhow, out of my usual habit of (attempting to) beat hoards of travelers at passport control checkpoints.

Bottom line: a 2 mile walk should be manageable for most within 30 - 45 minutes. Search for "Union City BART" and "William Cann Memorial Park, Union City, CA" on Google Maps.

In Topic: Baff #18 Canceled Due To Bad Weather

21 March 2011 - 04:40 PM

The closest BART station to the park is Union City.

Run a quick search on Google Maps and it'll show you the fairly straight-forward route. You essentially walk west on Alvarado Niles for about 5-6 miles. I walked in about half an hour.

In Topic: Spy Gear Rocket Blaster

04 March 2011 - 02:30 AM

This looks a little awkward to hold... How is it? It seems that you put wyes on all your blasters...

I had the same initial thought when I first saw the blaster, and waited until the Kohl's sale to get one. This is essentially a bullpup 4B, and as Buffdaddy said, very easy platform to modify. As for the form factor: I think it's very compact and adaptable, plus the top of the blaster gives you a nice sightline. It's definitely an adjustment from, say, a +bow, but I'm 6 feet tall with reasonably-sized hands, and it suits me fine. It's even got a built-in stock.

Man, Buffdaddy's be on fire as of late! (and putting wyes on everything sort of make sense in this day and age, for better or for worse) The next step would be to work out a pump replacement towards the front of the blaster and get rid of that stock / pump bit, which will be super easy to do. Let's see if I'll ever get around doing it...

In Topic: Slugs And Domes And Taggers, Oh My!

08 February 2011 - 03:27 AM

Regarding the difference in quality between McMaster felt pads:

I started making Slugs since 2008, and I definitely noticed a change in quality with the McMaster felt tips between then and now (at least for our purposes). To echo utafnerf, the current white tips unravels too easily. Green or black will do, I suppose, but still unravels too easily for my taste.

An alternative option is actually making tips with craft foam in conjunction with Plumber's Goop and washers or BBs, as demonstrated here:


Packets of craft foam sheets are available for cheap at Michaels, Walmart, etc. The most basic (and labor-intensive) way of making it work is to simply take a 1/2 brass pipe and "drill" (or cut) away at the foam sheet.

This method takes A LOT of time. However, I've actually found a 1/2" hole puncher at Onestopsquare.com in my possession that could potentially change all that.

All this fundamentally comes down to finding a balance between the desire to shoot darts really far (modification of blasters, heavier weights) and safety (whatever that means; we all have different definitions). It also comes down to monitoring human behaviors (common sense) and protecting against human instincts (at the heat of the moment, you're more likely to pull the trigger rather than barrel-tapping; nothing douche-y about it). I'm not sure if such balance exists. It ultimately comes down to the local communities (or whoever is hosting in most places) to come to a consensus on how all this will work out.